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Hak5 1906 – SPECIAL: Hackers 20 Year Anniversary

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As Hackers reaches its 20th anniversary, we're celebrating the film that pays tribute to the hacker culture itself. You see, behind the cyberpunk neon pagers and rollerblades, insanely great 28.8 bps modems and the fa...

Hak5 1905 – Refuse to decrypt? Prison for you!

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GPG Encryption for Windows, what happens if Keybase disappears, Free SSL certificates and how you could end up in prison for withholding your decryption keys. All that and more, this time on Hak5. -- Jay - "grea...

Hak5 1904 – Easy File Encryption with Keybase

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What could be easier than file encryption with GPG? File encryption with keybase.io! Darren Kitchen and Shannon Morse demo the basics of the Keybase command-line app on this episode of Hak5.

TekThing 36: New Apple TV, iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, Revealed! Skylake Laptops, Gaming GPU Reccos, & Reliable SSDs!

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It’s the Apple Event Day! We’ve got details on the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the new iPad Pro, Apple TV and more! Plus, PCPer’s Ryan Shrout talks Skylake and the latest GPU’s, reliable SSDs, more help with Windows 10...

5 Tips for First Time WiFi Pineapple Success

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It's the time of year when good (and sometimes naughty) hackers find fresh fruit under the tree. If you're new to the WiFi Pineapple, follow these tips for first time success. Get Yourself Connected Managing the...