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VENOM breaks VMs, mSpy gets pwn3d & more

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VENOM breaks out of Virtual Machines, Stolen Apple Watches pair with any iPhone, Google's Blocking 3rd party Chrome extensions and mSpy gets pwned. All that and more, right now on ThreatWire.   Links: &n...

NSA metadata collection is illegal, SKYNET is real, Microsoft axes Patch Tuesday

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The NSA Program to collect bulk call data "metadata" has been ruled illegal by an appeals court. Leaked documents uncover SKYNET - an NSA program to target terrorists with such metadata. And Microsoft ends its monthly...

Surveillance Is Legal In France, Netflix Releases FIDO, Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking – ThreatWire

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France passes a law allowing legal surveillance of its citizens. A US court deems warrantless cell phone tracking to be legal. Unleash the hounds! Netflix announces FIDO, its security analysis and response system. ...

Google Password Alert Broken, Snowden & Manning Get Statue, Facebook Opens Internet.org To All Devs

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Facebook opens Internet.org to all developers... it's like Net Neutrality for the billions of people that don't have Internet yet. Google Password Alert? A week later, and it's been bypassed. On the upside, google's p...

5 Tips for First Time WiFi Pineapple Success

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It's the time of year when good (and sometimes naughty) hackers find fresh fruit under the tree. If you're new to the WiFi Pineapple, follow these tips for first time success. Get Yourself Connected Managing the...