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TekThing 4 – Your First Quadrocopter, Lastpass with 2FA, and Google Play on the Amazon Fire Phone

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Today on TekThing, Shannon Morse and Patrick Norton check out the best "starter" drones. Plus, setting up LastPass with two factor authentication and how to get Google Play on your Amazon Fire Phone. Download HD | ...

HakTip 129 – Wireshark 101: The Domain Name System

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Today on HakTip, Shannon explains the DNS protocol, or Domain Name System, and how it pertains to use in Wireshark. Download HD | Download MP4 DNS (Domain Name System) is the reason why when you type in a websit...

Hak5 1724 – Rooted Android SSH Tunneling and Arduino Cylons!

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Following up on last weeks rootless Android SSH Tunneling tutorial, Darren Kitchen explores a much simpler way to secure all of the Internet traffic on your rooted Android device with the open source SSH Tunnel app. P...

Alternative Payloads – Metasploit Minute

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Metasploit Minute – the break down on breaking in. Join Mubix (aka Rob Fuller) every Monday here on Hak5. Thank you for supporting this ad free programming. Sponsored by Hak5 and the HakShop - ...