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The Annual FBI 4th Of July Terror FUD, Cisco Appliances Vulnerable, Private MAC Addys!

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Fourth of July terror warning? It’s an annual thing. If you run Cisco Security Appliances, heads up, there’s a vulnerability that could give root user level access, it looks like private MAC addresses are coming, whic...

Nasty Flash Hack, Update NOW!!! Wireless Password Theft by PITA, RAT Gets 57 Months

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Update Flash -and your Chrome browser- NOW, 'cause there's a nasty bug that's being exploited in the wild. Watch Out WiFi Pineappple, here comes PITA Wireless Password Theft... seriously, researchers are wirelessly gr...

Hak5 1819 – Building a Home Lab Virtual Server Quick and Dirty

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Today on Hak5, we’re building a home lab virtual server with open source Xenserver and an Intel NUC. Download HD  |   Download MP4 Links:

Australia’s New Copyright Bill, 14 Million Doxxed, Google Play Apps Lack HTTPS, & More

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The Australian Gov’t’s New copyright bill, google play apps are hackable, again. Emails can be hacked with a simple code, and 14 million people just got doxxed? All that coming up now on ThreatWire. Links: http:...