Hak5 1803 – Experimental Quadcopters and RSS-Reading Arduinos

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Experimental FPV Quadcopters at the London Hackspace. Darren meets with London Aerospace to check out V-Tail and Nano Class multirotors. Plus, how to set up your Arduino to visually represent words from an RSS - all t...

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WiFi Pineapple Event – October 12, 2013

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Kicking off Hak5’s Hack Across America

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Enough about the iPhone Already

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Enough about the iPhone 5 - from your friends at Hak5 Download HD Download MP4

The New iPad – Shannon’s Review

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Howdy! So I bought a new iPad about a month ago when they first came out, and I figured it was time for me to review it. Better late than never, eh? I decided to buy the 4G Verizon LTE 32GB one in Black. It was abo...

SF Bay Area Party – Celebrate Season 11 Episode 11!!!!1111

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Join us for our Season 11 episode 11 party at the Baltic Pub in Point Richmond, CA! There won't be another binary episode number of Hak5 until Season 100 in 2057!! All ages welcome. Special nerdcore performance by Dale Chase! The Baltic Pub, 135 Park Pl Richmond, CA 94801. RSVP on Facebook or Add to Google Calendar.

CES 2012 and Revision3 Vegas Meetup!

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We're back at CES 2012 for another year of awesome tech and new gadgets. What do you want to see? We'll be covering the show floor from Monday through Friday to being you the most up to date content on what you like m...

Thank You For An Awesome 2011!

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This past year was full of surprises, and many of the accomplishments we made are because of you, our viewers! February 15th will mark my first year living in the Bay Area, working fulltime with Hak5. Do I regret the ...

Behind Hak5

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I enjoy watching Hak5 and HakTip, as much as the next geek. However, I am also lucky enough to be able to call the Hak crew my close friends. Seeing them make their shows, rather than just watching the end product, is...

An Inspiring Barbie for a Less Traditional Future

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I'm sure most of the eyes reading this are probably not of the female persuasion more or less a woman in some sort of software developer role. But regardless, I was in my office bored and found myself staring at my Co...

Get Ready for Defcon 2011

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Hak5 is packed and ready for Def Con 2011! This year, Darren, Paul, and I will be in Las Vegas all weekend- from Wednesday night through Sunday- compiling a delightful Hak5 episode for you to enjoy. We hope to get som...

San Diego Comic Con 2011

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If you've ever been to Comic Con, you'll probably already know exactly what I'm about to say. WHOA! Crazy! This year, 2011, marked my very first Comic Con. I've been to many anime conventions, tech expos, and geek con...

E3 Expo Coverage

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Guess who is at E3 today and tomorrow? Mr. Darren Kitchen and Mr. Paul Tobias! While I'm back in the Bay Area holding down the fort and taking care of the HakShop, Darren and Paul are covering E3 from the show floor.

Maker Faire 2011

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Ahh, Maker Faire, I think I'm in love. You made me feel like a child again. I was able to solder my own POV board, dance with an R2-D2, play with lights and electricity, pig out on fair food, and check out all sorts o...

Season 9 Party

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Join the Hak5 crew as we celebrate our Bay Area arrival and the beginning of season 9! LIVE PERFORMANCES from Nerdcore sensations Dual Core and Dale Chase Saturday April 2nd at 7:00pm The Hotsy Totsy Clu...

Darren on Discovery: Hackers Versus Cyber Criminals

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Darren Kitchen, hacker and host of tech show Hak5, says why hacking isn't the same thing as cyber crime. Jorge Ribas sits down with him to find out the difference. Read on to watch the video.

Virginia Tech Live Show

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Hak5 will be LIVE at Virginia Tech this Saturday, November 7th. Join us at 7:00 PM for the best of networking, hacking and homebrew and Q&A. We'll be in Torgersen 2150 on the Virginia Tech campus in Blackburg,...

Hak5 Labs

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Today I am pleased to announce Hak5 Labs, an effort to open source the show. Over the next few weeks we will be holding Hak5 Labs meetings with the goal of crowdsourcing content, open development of large projects and...

Happy 4th Birthday Hak5

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Has it really been 4 years? It seems like just yesterday I was pondering what it would take to put together a podcast. Would the built in mic on my mini-DV cam suffice, or should I spend some money on a camera with a ...

HakShop back online

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After nearly a week of downtime the HakShop is back online. Hooray! On a personal note, I'm done playing with e-commerce packages for a while. Everything I've played with from ZenCart to Prestacart to Megento and m...

HakShop will BRB

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Recent server config changes seem to have broken our already picky Wordpress based e-commerce plugin, Shopp. After spending quite some time trying to get it to work with the new configuration it was time to move on --...

White Box Server Contest

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Spec out your ultimate $2000 white box server for an opportunity to win awesome swag from the hakshop including the last Hak5 shot-glass. Detail the parts and why you picked 'em here and we'll pick a winner based on ...

Photoshop Contest

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This week we're doing a photoshop contest. The most creative caption or creation with this image wins cool swag from the hakshop. Your creation should be submitted to the forums contest gallery.

Your LAN

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Think you've got a hardcore LAN? Show us! Our latest contest is all about mapping your *home* network. Map your network using an online diagram application like Gliffy, Dia on Linux or jNetMap -- a cross-platfo...

HakShop open for beta testing….err…purchases

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As you all know I've been struggling with a few e-commerce platforms. Eventually I settled on the Shopp plugin for Wordpress. I really like how simple the system is. It's just what I need (inventory management, we...

The HakShop won’t be making its debut today :(

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After a frustrating day fighting with e-commerce code I must forfeit. I really wanted to have this online today but it doesn't look like it'll happen. If you're reading this post after watching episode 512, I'm sorry....

Code Challenge

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The first Code Challenge for Hak5 Season 5 -- the Gmail Procrastination Badge. What started as a tongue in cheek comment on twitter about needing to declare email bankruptcy lead to proof of concept Gmail Unre...

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