This past year was full of surprises, and many of the accomplishments we made are because of you, our viewers! February 15th will mark my first year living in the Bay Area, working fulltime with Hak5. Do I regret the move? Not one bit!

Since our full team has moved here, we’ve been able to spend more time working on the things that matter most. I’ve been able to spend more time developing content and less time figuring out where to record. We’ve created a web store and added several new items this year. We’ve been able to spend more time helping customers and less time doing paperwork.

And it’s all because we have viewers like you! So thank you for being such devoted fans of Hak5 and keeping our show on the net. You’ve been with us through the hard times and the high times, and I have a feeling 2012 will bring tons of great content!

We are already booked for CES 2012 and Shmoocon in Washington DC. We will have a HakShop table at your favorite hacker cons of 2012 and we’ll have plenty of new gadgets in store. We’re always looking for ways to improve the show but keep that home-grown feel from our early days, and your feedback gives us plenty of ideas. So keep it coming!

Here’s to a Happy New Year and plenty to look forward to! Happy 2012, Season’s Greetings, and Merry Christmas!!

Shannon Morse hosts Hak5 on Revision3 and she co-hosts the audio podcast Bite Club Show. You can find her guest hosting various other internet shows now and then. When not geeking out with work, Shannon enjoys video games, anime, manga, traveling, building computers, and spending time with family and friends. Find more info about Shannon here.

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