BitTorrent Susceptible to DOS, IRS Breach is Worse, and Microsoft Can Disable Software

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BitTorrents are all the rage for DOS attacks, the IRS announces new breach numbers, and Microsoft is on a disabling rampage. All that coming up now on ThreatWire. Links:

Hak5 1826 – Defcon 2015

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This week Darren has a conversation with Chad Rikansrud about Mainframe vulnerabilities and Shannon gets to details on an amazing talk about using the USB Rubber Ducky while bypassing Enterprise Security. Download ...

SecState Doubts Email Security, OwnStar Adds BMW, Mercedes, Chrysler, Oracle Mocked

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The US Secretary of State is worried about China and Russia hacking his email. OwnStar is expanding to add BMW, Mercedes, and Chrysler virtual keys on iOS, Oracle's Chief Security Office -and EULA- gets mocked for tel...

Windows Mount Manager Exploit, Square Readers Get Hacked, Volkswagen Silences Research

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A car hack is silenced in the US, Windows Mount Manager has a vulnerability (it’s been patched), and Square credit card readers are exploitable. All that coming up now on ThreatWire. Links:

Biggest Android Security Failure, Tesla Thanks Hackers, $46M Theft Via Email

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Automotive hacking is in its infancy, and already you can see a clear path to failure... just look at how Tesla responsds to hackers compared to Chrysler. Ars Technica calls it: Android updates are a complete failure ...

Hak5 1825 – The 10 Year Anniversary Episode

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We’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary episode with some of our favorite bloopers! Get your beverages ready.   Download HD  |   Download MP4

Windows 10 Upgrade Ransomware, Thunderstrike 2 Mac Hack, New TOR Anonymity Attack

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Don’t click on links in email. Ever. Especially if they claim to be Windows 10 upgrade links, ‘cause CTB Locker Ransomware hurts. Does the latest TOR attack spell DOOM for privacy, or is it overrated and fairly easy t...

BIND9 DOS Attack, Android Mediaserver Attack Crashes Phones, TrackingPoint Sniper Rifles Wireless Hack

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A Bind Exploit Causes DOS Attacks, an Android Mediaserver Attack Crashes Phones, and TrackingPoint Sniper Rifles have a Wireless Hack. All that coming up now on ThreatWire.

Android SMS Hack and Brinks CompuSafe Hack

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The mother of all Android vulnerabilities, a safe running Windows XP is unsafe, and ZOMG Drones! All that coming up now on ThreatWire.   Android Text Message Hack: Stagefright   http://www.androi...

Hak5 1824 – Introducing the LAN Turtle

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Introducing the Hak5 LAN Turtle, and a site to site VPN with OpenVPN Access Server. All that and more, this time on Hak5. Download HD  |   Download MP4 Our newest edition to the Hak5 family of pentesting gear is...

Hak5 1823 – Finalizing the OpenVPN-AS Home Server Build

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Follow up on our quick and dirty OpenVPN guide from last week with the final setup to getting it online and accessible from outside your LAN. Download HD  |   Download MP4 1. Setup Static IP 2. Configure Xen to s...

37 Million Ashley Madison Users Hacked, Free Hacking Team Scanner, Google Play Store Compromised?!?

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The Impact Team says they've compromised Avid Life Media, owners of and they're gonna expose all the accounts if the site isn't shut down. The latest Hacking Team data revelation: a backdoor throu...

United Pays Out Bug Bounty, Adobe Flash Patched and Dumped, Hacking Team Update

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Your weekly hacking team update, Flash is patched and dumped all on the same day, and United gives out one million miles for an exploit. All that coming up now on Threat Wire. Links:

Hak5 1822 – 10 Minute Free VPN Server Build

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VPNs are great for protecting your Internet traffic when on untrusted networks - like Public WiFi. So many times it's thrown around as advice "just get a VPN" - but where should you get a VPN? When you sign up for a $...

Raspberry Pi ProxyHam Cancelled, Kill Flash, New Java Attack, Patent Trolls Still Suck

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Yet another Flash exploit has been found… expect a patch, but we’d rather you removed Adobe’s Flash. RhinoSecurity has cancelled the super cool ProxyHam, and the DefCon talk, Patent Trolls are getting worse, and the f...

Adobe Flash Vulnerability, No More Private Registration?!, T-Mobile Transparency Report

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Adobe Flash 0-Day Vulnerability, No More Private Registration?!, T-Mobile Transparency Report Released. All that coming up now on Threat Wire. Links:

Hak5 1821 – Android Packet Sniffing and Free Alternatives to XenCenter

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Sniffing Packets on Android with tPacketCapture and Xen Orchestra, a free open source web-based management system for XenServers. Download HD  |   Download MP4 Links: https://play...

Hacking Team, Plex, Harvard, Trump Hacked… BTW, Upgrade Mozilla!

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Was Hacking Team knowingly selling their “lawful interception tools” to foreign governments with less than stellar human rights records? Plex and Harvard have suffered breaches, Trump might have a credit card problem,...

NSA Data Collection is Back, OPM Shuts Down Investigation Portal, and Dinos in Iran

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NSA data collection is a thing, at least til November, ‘Dino’ malware was found in Iran, and OPM makes the news, yet again. All that coming up now on ThreatWire. Links:

Hak5 1820 – Proxmox VE vs. XenServer, Plus OpenXenManager for Linux

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Today on Hak5, we’re continue our experiments with the home lab virtual server with open source OpenXenManager for Linux. Download HD  |   Download MP4 Links: Open Xen Manager -

The Annual FBI 4th Of July Terror FUD, Cisco Appliances Vulnerable, Private MAC Addys!

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Fourth of July terror warning? It’s an annual thing. If you run Cisco Security Appliances, heads up, there’s a vulnerability that could give root user level access, it looks like private MAC addresses are coming, whic...

Nasty Flash Hack, Update NOW!!! Wireless Password Theft by PITA, RAT Gets 57 Months

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Update Flash -and your Chrome browser- NOW, 'cause there's a nasty bug that's being exploited in the wild. Watch Out WiFi Pineappple, here comes PITA Wireless Password Theft... seriously, researchers are wirelessly gr...

Hak5 1819 – Building a Home Lab Virtual Server Quick and Dirty

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Today on Hak5, we’re building a home lab virtual server with open source Xenserver and an Intel NUC. Download HD  |   Download MP4 Links:

Australia’s New Copyright Bill, 14 Million Doxxed, Google Play Apps Lack HTTPS, & More

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The Australian Gov’t’s New copyright bill, google play apps are hackable, again. Emails can be hacked with a simple code, and 14 million people just got doxxed? All that coming up now on ThreatWire. Links: http:...

Apple Zero Day, 600 Million Pwnable Samsungs and more

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An Apple Zero Day breaks out of OSX and iOS sandboxes. SAP installs pop with default creds. ZOMG 600 million vulnerable Samsung devices? And free encryption keys for all, coming in just a few weeks! Support ThreatWire...

Digital Certificates Used in Kapersky Hack, LastPass Breached, & Cardinals Hack Astros

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Duqu 2 uses signed certs to get into Kapersky, LastPass was breached!, and cardinals are getting their hack on! All that coming up now on ThreatWire. Links:

Hak5 1818 – Building a $600 VM Server

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A $600 Server Build! Or, Building a Virtualization Server Nodes with the Next Unit of Computing. All that and more, this time on Hak5. Download HD | Download MP4 Join us as we build the 2nd and 3rd server additi...

China Cracks Tor & VPN?!? IRS Adds Security, Cyber-Espionage Nightmare, OPM Breach Timeline

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The IRS is stepping up security, Krebs has a great timeline of the OPM Breach, Chinese activists and journalists that relied on Tor or a VPN and were logged into any of 15 web portals might have a problem… and, frankl...

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