Hak5 1024 – Hak5 at Shmoocon 2012!

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Hak5 1023 – Automate Everything, Using Expect and Encrypting One Cloud

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Hak5 1021 – Build a free PXE server to boot Linux over the network!

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Hak5 – CES 2012

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We visited the Consumer Electronic Show again in Las Vegas this year, and we found plenty to talk about! Here you'll find all 40+ of our segments and interviews from the show floor. Amongst all of those OLED tvs and 3...

Hak5 1020 – Gladinet Cloud Desktop and Keylogging with AutoIt

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is time on the show, access your cloud via explorer, Mubix joins us to talk keylogging with AutoIt, and a few of your tips and questions. All that and more, this time on Hak5! Download HD Download MP4 This time ...

Hak5 1018 – Damn Cheap VoIP, Jolicloud and Bash scripts

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This time on the show, home voice over IP setups using Free Switch -- Christian Fernandez of Custard joins us. Then, Jolicloud OS -- is it cloudy.....and jolly? Plus bash watch scripts, remapping capslock from the ter...

Hak5 1017 – 23 Questions with Kevin Mitnick

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Hak5 1016 – Virtualized USB booting with QEMU, Steganalysis with Scalpel, x11vnc, screen for windows

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This time on the show, carving hidden files with scalpel, booting USB drives in Linux from QEMU and VNC tips for BackTrack and Android. All that and more this time on Hak5! Download HD Download MP4 Int0x80's Sca...

Hak5 1015 – Recovery & Forensics with Scalpel, Cloud storage with PogoPlug and 1000mw WiFi in the US?

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This time on the show, Eighty of Dual Core returns for a little file recovery mojo using Scalpel. Then Jed Putterman of Pogoplug joins us to talk cloud storage. Plus can bash scripts monitor your CPU temperature? Radi...

Hak5 1014 – Ad Block and SSH Tunnel with Privoxy, Pogoplug Mobile, Process Forking and Grub2

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This time on the show, Python + Privoxy = no more banner ads the your router level! Eighty of Dual Core reports. Plus, a cloud syncing NAS without the hassles of building and maintaining a BSD box or messing with Rsyn...

Hak5 1011 – Windows Software Access Points, Ubuntu 11.10 and Home Network Bottlenecks

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This time on the show, can we borrow a cup of WiFi? Darren shows us how to relay a Wireless signal with Yagi antenna and a Software based access point. Ubuntu 11.10 is out and with it a new version of Unity. Does it s...

Hak5 1005 – Airfoil Design, Install Ubuntu from Windows and Battery Powered PCs

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This time on the show, Open Source Airfoil Designs, Installing Ubuntu from within Windows and DC power supplies. Download HD Download MP4 Open Source Airfoil Design Pranay Sinha from the Quadshot project join...

Hak5 1004 – See-through AR glasses, Hirens BootCD and 4G Modems in Linux

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Are we one step closer to becoming cyborgs? We're looking at the latest in Augmented Reality Glasses. The ultimate tool for analyzing, recovering and fixing a borked box. 4G USB modems and Linux, can they play nice to...

Hak5 1003 – 14 Channel WiFi Sniffing Case Mod and the Plop Bootloader

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In this epic episode of Hak5 we present our case mod as part of the Hak5 / Ben Heck Case Mod Challenge. Our hacked up wearable computer is capable of sniffing all 14 WiFi channels at once as well as providing Internet...

Hak5 1002 – Quadshot: Open Source Autopilot Programming, PinguyOS and Hacker Headlines Remix

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In this episode Darren is once again joined by Piotr from the Quadshot project to talk about their unique autopilot hardware, the LISA, and how to get started programming the open source autopilot software, paparazzi,...