Episode 826 – Shmoocon 2011 – Part 3: Search and Siezure, Evite pwnage and printer attacks

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This week we wrap up Hak5 season 8 with the conclusion of our Shmoocon 2011 conversations. Search and Siezure, Evite pwnage and printer attacks! Be sure to tune in next week for a very special Hak5 season 9 premiere! ...

Episode 825 – Shmoocon 2011 – Part 2: Android Botnets, Hacking from a cave and IPv6

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This time on the show Darren talks to Georgia Weidman, Director of Cyber Warfare at Reverse Space about her smartphone botnet project. Shannon learns about the latest in Katana and Joe Klein joins us once again to deb...

Episode 821 – Augmented Reality, Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Robotic Helicopters at CES 2011

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On this special edition of Hak5 Darren and Shannon are joined by Jenn Cutter to wrap up their favourite gadgets from CES 2011. Tune in and catch a pair of stereoscopic 3D augmented-reality video eyewear from Vuzix, th...

Hak5 at CES 2011

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The annual Consumer Electronics Show has come to an end, and along with all the cool new products, surprisingly there were even more wacked products on the show floor than usual. We've wrapped up the wackiest, weir...

Episode 816 – Time Division Multiplexing

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Episode 815 – Pulse Code Modulation

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Episode 814 – DSLR video hacks, homebrew Google TV, Shannon’s favorite portable apps, Ubuntu FTP servers and USB Dumper

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This time on the show Jason joins us to talk DSLR video hacks and homebrew Google TV. Shannon brings us her favorite portable apps, and Jackie and Darren tackle your questions concerning secure FTP, Ubuntu Server, ...

Episode 813 – Top Jailbroken Apps and Android Scripting

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In this episode of Hak5 Shannon brings us her top jailbroken apps for the iPhone while Jason ditches the heavy development environment and takes on lightweight scripting for Android. Download HD | Download MP4 | Do...

Episode 811 – Toorcon San Diego 2010 Part 1

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Episode 807 – Run Linux apps in any OS – X11 over SSH, Multi-Cam editing and more

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Securely forwarding X11 over SSH so you can use Linux GUI tools in anywhere -- even on Windows. Multi cam editing, SMS rescue texts, Android Terminals and clark kent glasses. All that and more this time on Hak5! Do...