ThreatWire – March 13 2014: Drones vs. The FAA

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The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) loses case against Raphael Pirker, a swiss model aircraft enthusiast. Appeals. Commercial drone use in United States in question. Download HD  |   Download MP4  Further readi...

ThreatWire – Feb 7 2014

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Russia Bans Bitcoin and NBC fear mongering on Russian Hackers. All that and more, this time on Threat Wire. Story Links: Bitcoin Banned in Russia

ThreatWire – Feb 6 2014

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Turkey approves an Internet Censorship bill. Adobe patches a critical Flash vulnerability. NIST finally practices what it preaches on SSL crypto, and we fight back against Mass Surveillance. All that and more, this ti...

Threat Wire – Feb. 3, 2014

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The CCC files a criminal complaint against Germany, Orange gets hacked, the UK gets secret courts, and the life of hacker hero Aaron Swartz is celebrated on the silver screen just one year after his tragic death. All ...

Threat Wire 0050 – Call Yourself a Hacker and Lose Fourth Amendment Rights

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Call yourself a hacker and lose your 4th amendment rights, Congress responds to NSA diplomat spying, the USA FREEDOM act hits and a the Dark Mail Alliance - could Email finally become secure? All that and more this ti...

Threat Wire 0049 – Apple Can Read Your iMesseges

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Apple can read your iMessages, Belkin has buggy baby Monitors, and world leaders are pissed off at Obama. All that and more this time on Threat Wire!

Threat Wire 0048 – Hackers Could Potentially Control Power Stations

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The NSA Video has been published, SSL is a good thing for Lavabit and Yahoo!, and hackers could potentially control power stations. All that and more this time on Threat Wire!

Threat Wire 0047 – The FBI Shuts Down Silk Road!

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The FBI shuts down Silk Road, and more NSA leaks about attacks on TOR. All that and more, this week on Threat Wire!

Threat Wire 0045 – iPhones Get Hacked

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iPhones get hacked, RSA distances itself from an allegedly NSA backdoored crypto algorithm and a rally against mass surveillance is brewing in Washington. All that and more this time on Threat Wire!

Threat Wire 0044 – Apple’s Touch ID Raises Security Questions

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Is Apple's Touch ID a threat to security?, secure SMS for Android, Lavabit heading to court and the NSA sharing data on US persons with Israel. All that and more this time on Threat Wire!

Threat Wire 0043 – NSA Weakening Crypto Standards?!

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The NSA said to be weakening crypto standards, coluding with software companies and otherwise spending boat loads of tax dollars on surveillance systems that undermine the fabric of the Internet. Then, the NSA has bee...

Threat Wire 0042 – The Black Budget Leaked

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The Black Budget leaked. Has the NSA broken your crypto?, Google and Microsoft want to make everything clear to the masses, and the SEA isn't spreading malware... most likely... . All that and more this time on Threat...

Threat Wire 0041 – Is Microsoft’s Backdoor Open to the NSA?

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Is TPM a Windows backdoor? The Syrian Electronic Army attacks Twitter, and exposes over 70 million users. All that and more this time on Threat Wire!

Threat Wire 0040 – Craigslist: Hands Off Our Data!

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Changing your IP address tackled by the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, The Guardian's offices raided and Manning sentenced to 35 years in prison. All that and more this time on Threat Wire!

Threat Wire 0039 – Obama Talks PRISM!

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President Obama speaks out about Prism, the secret service releases the first 100 pages on the case of Aaron Swartz, and a Linux trojan has surfaced. All that and more this time on Threat Wire!

Threat Wire 0038 – Can Tor Be Trusted?!

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Twitter two-factor is better than ever, the Tor network is being watched by the FBI, and cars are being hacked at Defcon! All that and more this time on Threat Wire!

Threat Wire 0037 – NSA Director a Liar?

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The NSA Director blows smoke up the InfoSec communities ass and new leaks from Edward Snowden detail an NSA program that collects "nearly everything a typical user does on the Internet." That and more from Black Hat 2...

Threat Wire 0036 – No More Porn for the UK

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The UK filters pornography, patriot act amendments proposed, the NSA claims it's as unorganized as the DMV, and over 3 billion vooonrable devices run Java including your phones SIM card! All that and more this time on...

Threat Wire 0035 – Feds Banned from Def Con?!

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Def Con organizers issued a press release saying that federal contractors and employees will not be welcomed at this year's event. Vladmir Putin might grant temporary asylum to Edward Snowden under specific terms. Plu...

Threat Wire 0034 – EPIC Fights Against NSA

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Snowden received asylum from Latin America, pro-privacy petitions are hitting the government in EPIC proportions, and FISA courts are A OK with collecting your information. All that and more this time on Threat Wire!

Threat Wire 0033 – NSA Targets Europe

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George Bush's thoughts on PRISM, Europe is being targeted by the NSA, and Is Facebook censoring the Syrian civil war? All that and more this time on Threat Wire!

Threat Wire 0032 – Where in the World is Snowden?

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After barely making it out of Hong Kong, where in the world has Edward Snowden gone now? New information on his wearabouts as well as updates on Wikileaks, SSL encryption isn't as safe as it seems, and lawmakers are t...

Threat Wire 0031 – Learn From Snowden: How to Protect Your Data

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Advice from Darren after PRISM, Yahoo fought to protect data and updates from Edwared Snowden's data. All that and more on this epidode of Threat Wire!

Threat Wire 0030 – Edward Snowden Revealed as NSA Leak

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Confirmed! The National Security Agency collects your emails, calls, video chats, and social network details. Also, Edward Snowden comes forward as the source for leaked documents that outline the PRISM Surveillance P...

Threat Wire 0029 – Megaupload Victory and Evernote Gets More Secure

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Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom wins access to all evidence siezed by the police in a 2012 raid, Wisconsin man Jeffrey Fieldman doesn't have to decrypt hard drives , and Evernote becomes more secure! All that and more o...

Threat Wire 0028 – Twitter Two-Step Authentication

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China accused of agressive posturing both in cyberspace and outer-space, plus two-factor authentication for Twitter, FINALLY. Do it. Do it now! All that and more this time on Threat Wire.

Threat Wire 0027 – Congress vs. Google Glass and Strongbox Launch!

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Google Glass is already stirring up controversy from the government, citing concerns over privacy and facial recognition software. Also, Microsoft can now see your Skype messages. Plus, the Aaron Swartz-pioneered soft...

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