The Annual FBI 4th Of July Terror FUD, Cisco Appliances Vulnerable, Private MAC Addys!

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Fourth of July terror warning? It’s an annual thing. If you run Cisco Security Appliances, heads up, there’s a vulnerability that could give root user level access, it looks like private MAC addresses are coming, whic...

Nasty Flash Hack, Update NOW!!! Wireless Password Theft by PITA, RAT Gets 57 Months

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Update Flash -and your Chrome browser- NOW, 'cause there's a nasty bug that's being exploited in the wild. Watch Out WiFi Pineappple, here comes PITA Wireless Password Theft... seriously, researchers are wirelessly gr...

Australia’s New Copyright Bill, 14 Million Doxxed, Google Play Apps Lack HTTPS, & More

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The Australian Gov’t’s New copyright bill, google play apps are hackable, again. Emails can be hacked with a simple code, and 14 million people just got doxxed? All that coming up now on ThreatWire. Links: http:...

Apple Zero Day, 600 Million Pwnable Samsungs and more

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An Apple Zero Day breaks out of OSX and iOS sandboxes. SAP installs pop with default creds. ZOMG 600 million vulnerable Samsung devices? And free encryption keys for all, coming in just a few weeks! Support ThreatWire...

Digital Certificates Used in Kapersky Hack, LastPass Breached, & Cardinals Hack Astros

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Duqu 2 uses signed certs to get into Kapersky, LastPass was breached!, and cardinals are getting their hack on! All that coming up now on ThreatWire. Links:

China Cracks Tor & VPN?!? IRS Adds Security, Cyber-Espionage Nightmare, OPM Breach Timeline

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The IRS is stepping up security, Krebs has a great timeline of the OPM Breach, Chinese activists and journalists that relied on Tor or a VPN and were logged into any of 15 web portals might have a problem… and, frankl...

Army Website Hacked, Apple’s WWDC Security Notes, and Letters to the President

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The Syrian Electronic Army says they hacked, Apple’s all about privacy on their systems and open source with Swift 2, and more letters to the White House. All that today on ThreatWire. Links: http://www...

OS X Sleep Security Flaw, HackerOne Brokers Bounties, MS Answers BitLocker Security Questions!

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Americans have given up on privacy says the latest study… and they need to learn more about it. Should you stop letting your Mac go to sleep? Only if you want to avoid getting rootkitted! HackerOne aims to broker boun...

China blamed for US Gov Hack, NSA needs no warrants to spy on hackers

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China suspected in massive government data breach, the NSA doesn't need warrants to spy on 'hackers', and Edward Snowden celebrates 2 years as a whistleblower. Support ThreatWire at ...

FBI Aerial Surveillance, Facebook Adds OpenPGP Encryption, Dark Web Coupon Fraud!

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Is the FBI collecting our information from above? Facebook announces the ability to use OpenPGP for their emails, and couponing fraud on the dark web!

The Patriot Act Expired Last Night?!? New Google Security Tool, TSA Security Fails 67 of 70 Tests!

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No More Telephone Records for the NSA??? Google Makes Privacy and Security Easier, Hola VPN Ain't Secure?!? Annnnd a TSA Red Team Stomps TSA Security   No More Telephone Records for the NSA??? http://www...

Botnet masked as Free VPN, Ransomware Made Easy, iOS Text Crash

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iPhone text crash bug now for Twitter, Snapchat, a Free Ransomware Builder Takes 20% Cut, and a Free VPN comes at a cost. I'll give you a hint - it's a botnet. Links: iPhone text crash bug now for Twitter, Snapc...

Data Mining the IRS Website, Adult Friend Finder Hacked, and NSA Collections on Hold

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Ring ring! This is the NSA, this call isn’t currently being recorded, but the IRS is giving out your information, and so are adult dating websites...

NSA Hacks App Stores, Android Factory Reset Flaw and Security Questions Insecure – Threat Wire

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Watch out when selling off that old phone, the Android Factory Reset doesn't clear all your data. Plus, it's no secret that secret questions are bogus. And the latest from Edward Snowden - NSA hacking Mobile App store...

Mobile Encryption, Safari Browser’s Flaw, Laplace’s Demon, and Hackers on a Plane!

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Our fight for mobile encryption won’t end anytime soon, Safari is facing a troubling flaw, United Airlines has a depressing bug bounty program, and in Russia, government stop you. The Ongoing Fight For Encryption ...

Hack Airline Flight Controls?!? Kill A Torrent Site, Boost Piracy! Privacy Policies vs. Bankruptcy

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Shutting down torrent sites (like doesn't stop piracy. (It’s like the War on Drugs!) Be careful about how you disclose security vulnerabilities, aka The First Rule About Hacking Planes in Flight: Don't Tweet ...

VENOM breaks VMs, mSpy gets pwn3d & more

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VENOM breaks out of Virtual Machines, Stolen Apple Watches pair with any iPhone, Google's Blocking 3rd party Chrome extensions and mSpy gets pwned. All that and more, right now on ThreatWire.   Links: &n...

Thousands of Routers Infected, Starbucks Auto-Reload Hacked, and Is PC Border Seizure Unreasonable?

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Thousands of routers are infected with malware, a court deems PC border seizure unreasonable, and hackers really like their caffeine fix. All that coming up now on Threat Wire. Thousands of Routers Infected With Ma...

Health Care Security Sucks, Open Smart Grid Protocol Easily Cracked. Russia & China Stop Hacking???

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Cost of health care got you down? $6 Billion is lost annually in 'cyber attacks.' Meanwhile, did Google shut down Google Map Maker 'cause of a user prank, or because the system was a spammed up mess? DIY crypto is a b...

NSA metadata collection is illegal, SKYNET is real, Microsoft axes Patch Tuesday

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The NSA Program to collect bulk call data "metadata" has been ruled illegal by an appeals court. Leaked documents uncover SKYNET - an NSA program to target terrorists with such metadata. And Microsoft ends its monthly...

Surveillance Is Legal In France, Netflix Releases FIDO, Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking – ThreatWire

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France passes a law allowing legal surveillance of its citizens. A US court deems warrantless cell phone tracking to be legal. Unleash the hounds! Netflix announces FIDO, its security analysis and response system. ...

Google Password Alert Broken, Snowden & Manning Get Statue, Facebook Opens To All Devs

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Facebook opens to all developers... it's like Net Neutrality for the billions of people that don't have Internet yet. Google Password Alert? A week later, and it's been bypassed. On the upside, google's p...

Realtek Exploit Affects WiFi Routers, Dyre Trojan Thwarts Sandboxing and more – Threatwire

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ThreatWire is your source for what's threatening our security, privacy and Internet freedom. You can support the show directly by becoming a patron at Links: http://www.infosecurity...

Tesla Hacked, iOS SSL Exploits, Phishing on the Rise – ThreatWire 55

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ThreatWire is your source for what's threatening our security, privacy and Internet freedom. You can support the show directly by becoming a patron at Links:

ThreatWire – March 13 2014: Drones vs. The FAA

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The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) loses case against Raphael Pirker, a swiss model aircraft enthusiast. Appeals. Commercial drone use in United States in question. Download HD  |   Download MP4  Further readi...

ThreatWire – Feb 7 2014

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Russia Bans Bitcoin and NBC fear mongering on Russian Hackers. All that and more, this time on Threat Wire. Story Links: Bitcoin Banned in Russia

ThreatWire – Feb 6 2014

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Turkey approves an Internet Censorship bill. Adobe patches a critical Flash vulnerability. NIST finally practices what it preaches on SSL crypto, and we fight back against Mass Surveillance. All that and more, this ti...

Threat Wire – Feb. 3, 2014

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The CCC files a criminal complaint against Germany, Orange gets hacked, the UK gets secret courts, and the life of hacker hero Aaron Swartz is celebrated on the silver screen just one year after his tragic death. All ...

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