In this Flying-by-the-seat-of-our-pants edition of Hak5 episode 2×07 / Live Beta 2 we settle into the temporary set and check out a web app to help you IRC at work, a Mac hack for using front row with a wiimote, and a utility for recovering WPA/WEP keys. Plus your calls and an AFK award for a long lost code monkey.


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Production Notes

Special uber thanks go to Ashley Witt for cleaning up our poor audio. I’m sure next episode will be slightly less frantic as we settle into the new place. Keep an eye on for updates on future live shows this month.


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  • Darkwolf2054 8 years ago

    Couldn’t make the live show. Can’t wait to see what I missed!


    House looks great!

  • Greaser 8 years ago

    Man, I have been checking my rss feed for an update and using any computer throughout the day trying to get my fix.

    I am having withdrawals, gotta see it. Didn’t get to see it live, I need it 😛

  • Why does the video end at like 45 mins

  • yay for xvid download :)


  • My name and article were used in this episode….

    ahhhhh fanboy moment :)

  • Dave The Man 8 years ago

    Sweet- Thanks Wess and Dazza

  • Yea, the XVID vesion ends at like 45 Min. I NEED THE OTHER MINUTES!

  • deags 8 years ago

    Cool little program i used to recover passwords

  • hmm.. i cant find a Torrent fil… =(
    Take forever with 91 kb’s…

  • Great show guys!! Can’t wait till you get moved in and settled. Tell Jon it was good to see him again too. Drink a beer for me…….

    Honolulu, Hawaii

  • MurrDawg 8 years ago

    um Wess… no more touchie the control center dude, lol. just kidding man, ur doing great.

  • Daniel 8 years ago

    Watched the episode…

    The sound in this episode sounds much better than previous episodes.

    Good episode as always :)

    Keep it up!

  • Erm, this is taking ages to connect with WMP…

  • Daniel 8 years ago

    Download it, right click > save as about 390mb

  • Daniel 8 years ago

    errm 300mb lol

  • JoshuaH 8 years ago

    Well, I’m getting the right speeds and the right file size(And I wasn’t getting the right size earlier), but at about 50% completion, the speed drops to 0 and stops. Restarted like 5 times now…Will try a few more times I guess. Anyone else having this problem?

  • JoshuaH 8 years ago

    Well iPod version downloaded fine. I had problems with the Xvid last month to, I guess I will just stick to the iPod version for now on :).

  • Darkwolf2054 8 years ago


    You all did an outstanding job, congratulations! Where was Alli? Mad props for all that you do!



  • Hey guys,

    Excellent job as always! I did notice something while watching that caught my ear. There was a very faint buzz in the audio during most of the video. I’ve experienced this exact noise while doing audio production work. Through a TON of trial and error, I found that it was the power supply for a laptop. I fixed it by getting rid of the ground pin with a two prong adapter. I hope this helps you guys out! Keep up all the good work!

  • Robby 8 years ago

    Yes we need a torrent PLEASE!

    speeds are varying a lot as well
    20k to 400k but it sits at around 80k

    You will just have to accept that this show is getting more popular so you need to up the bandwidth lol

  • SoCalDaveBandito 8 years ago

    Dude, if you guys are gonna mention sites then either put the URL’s on the bottom of the screen or provide show notes.

    Drives me crazy when playing back and trying to figure out what was said.

    Thanks. Keep rocking on.

  • tvguy 8 years ago

    Great show guys set looked great. the xvid looked great. Seeing everyone again looked great its was great. And really cool content and looking forward as always to the next show. Keep it up great work

  • 1. need a few stationary mic’s to pick up all sound, and voices.
    2. need something to cut down echo from the walls.

    Good show.

  • Sharuk 8 years ago

    I love your podcast series!
    Just wanted to say that you got DreamHost and Godaddy on same page. Which one is better??
    are you guys confused too! or they’re paying good money.

  • Great show. Just like the others. I always learn a lot from you guys.

  • @ Sharuk

    Godaddy for domain, DreamHost for website :O

  • odaddy 8 years ago

    be selective

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