In this experimental season finale episode of Hak.5 Darren & Wess wrap up ton of viewer questions covering gmail to SMS, recovering dead hard drives, email from the command prompt, and streaming video in flash. A special guest drops by to cover cracking windows passwords & securing windows. Plus Rob Fuller of joins us to talk a bit about Tor and Anonym.OS and an Interview with Travis from


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  • Another_indian_fan 9 years ago

    350 mb I think this gonna be a long episode
    downloading right now.get going
    – regards

  • ^_^ yay!

    … now just have to wait for the torrent :)

  • Parthurs 9 years ago

    How did you guys like your Sleemans Beer? :)

  • dynamx 9 years ago

    Congrats on the success of the first season!

  • Smith 9 years ago

    Wow..just wow.
    Awsome episode.
    Can’t wait for S2.

  • Just wondering what happened to the ipod/quicktime? I cant actually download it lol! and its not showing up on, so I can only assume somethings gone wrong? 😛

    Ill keep trying!!!

  • HAhahA 😀
    Eu já fiz o download de todos os videos
    muito legal e engraçado a forma que vocês
    passam as informações hehehe

    continuem sempre melhorando..

    São Luís – MA
    Brasil ^_^ \/,,

  • Kenadak 9 years ago

    bittorrent? the link looks like it’s dead…

  • jason 9 years ago

    yaaa harrison’s back

  • Heh…I lost track of dates.
    What a pleasent suprise when I noticed iTunes downloading it.

  • Hey,
    Really enjoyed your episodes. Like all the video editing you guys do.

  • pr05p3r0 9 years ago

    Great episode guys- Though I’ve learnt about HASH cracking before on the good ‘ol “The Broken” (R.I.P) show, I hadn’t heard of the rainbow tables. Quite an amazing development in the whole hash cracking business….

    BTW, I’ve done cracking before and, I swear to God, it has all been legit! There are actually a fair amount of honest uses for the technology and methods…

    Also, let me just confirm your thing about swapping the logic boards on Hard drives- I had a friend who had found two 160 GB hard drives in a tech company dumpster. One of them fired up but had all sorts of low disk level errors. The other one had a controller board that had a blown diode or something (you could see the char mark). I got them and swapped the boards (good board from bad disk on to good disk bad board) and scored a free 160 GB Hard drive out of the deal. Its a fairly simple process and worked for me perfectly- and even if you have to buy a whole new Hard drive to get your data back, its alot cheaper then hiring the men with funny suits transport the ‘happy circles’ in a clean room.

    Awesome episode as usual, guys! Even though you didn’t have camera 2 I actually kind of liked the live to tape feel better…For some reason I just enjoyed it more. And ROFL- I think the Wess hitting Darren thing is becoming an iconic motif of your shows and outakes. For some reason it always makes me laugh.

    Keep having fun and making great vidcasts!

  • Anonym.OS is not a LiveCD based on FreeBSD, it is based on OpenBSD. great episodes! :-)

  • ZR80 cameras have a service buliten on them about the CCD and canon is fixing them for free as long as it fits in to this problem I have the link posted on my site if anybody is having this problem I just got my shipping tag from canon today and I am sending mine out on monday so I will keep you posted on how its going getting it fixed

  • Jobabob 9 years ago

    Its good to see you can do live stuff (though it certainly showed!), but my GOD the rainbow crack bloke was the most boring one-sided interview i’ve ever listened to, I had to skip over it after it went on for some 15 minutes of explaining every single thing that his website provides. I’d make the shameless promotion of sponsors even more shameless though.

  • Jason 9 years ago

    Good show, even though I already knew about ophcrack and the hard drive controller board thing, I learned more about rainbow tables and hashes. I also didn’t know where to find the sam file. I didnt care much either as i have ophcrack but i’ve only had to use it once and that was to let my buddy’s mom know what her password was. good stuff though. If cannon wont fix it for free like chris said then i will take it 😛 I love broken stuff.

  • Jacky 9 years ago

    Harrison is back on episode 10. Where Jon at? Without these two cool dudes, the show kinda miss out on segments covering programming.

  • Nice show! Thanks for the good words about my site Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see the next Episode!

  • Havent watched epi 10 yet but hoping for streaming video or once my new screen for my ipod comes in. Still need help with the remote cellphone thing in epi 9 but i really want to get a VM so i can get the BSOD. If you guys have time email me where i can get a free VM config, bootable files for XP, and anyhting else i need. thanx for the great episodes.

  • Great season. I learned a lot. I look forward to the next season.


  • Eagle1468 8 years ago

    Episode 10 was first time I have seen Hak 5 — I will be watching next season that is for sure! Loved the Unedited take guys. You really show your geek side! Got to love it! Hope you all have fun this summer and get ready for S2! I know I will be.
    Thanks a lot!!!

  • Avi seems to have borked bits for me :(