In this episode Darren shows us how to unite Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops with Synergy. Wess builds an automatic LED lamp, while Limin Li joins us to show off the setup of the digital DJ. Plus Interviews with Jason Davis of MD5Lookup at the sixth Hackers On Planet Earth conference in New York. And as always details on this month’s LAN party, trivia, poll, and geeky sketches.


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Production Notes

Special thanks to Ashley Witt for the awesome new Hak5 Theme Song, and Pronobozo for the additional music, it really makes the episode shine!


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  • neFarious 9 years ago

    Yay, I’m going to grab a few beers and watch it tonight.

  • Bercik 9 years ago


  • Woohoo!! Third post! Happy that Hak5 is back.

  • Awesome!

    Love the new set and the new intro. The intro was something I always thought you guys needed. badassness.

    oh and Multicamera setup=head asplode from coolness

  • SweBullen 9 years ago

    Great premiere!

    Hope S02 will carry on til June 5th -07

  • Hak.5 rocks my socks!!

  • Man, You Rock
    hak5 all day, every day

  • Where are the torrents?? I think youguys are killing Libsyn!!!


  • very nice work, guys.

  • siriusfox 9 years ago

    The torrents went bye bye for a while. I emailed one of them about it, the’ll be back some time.

  • hey guys cool hak.5 video

  • Rishi 9 years ago

    Iwas waiting since from 5th morning to the end of the day
    Then at 6th morning it clicked in my mind that in india when i was waiting on 5th then it was 4th there
    Well whatever
    congrats for ur success
    downloading right now


  • Rishi 9 years ago

    5.91 kbps is what i am getting as a download speed
    Remainig time is 17 hours
    man i hate slow speed connections
    I think i will be able to watch ur relase at 7th
    But still i will download it:-)


  • Computer_kid 9 years ago

    Yeah Alli! Your back!

  • Xptical 9 years ago

    Can a brother get a torrent? Seriously, aren’t you guys supposed to be one-three-three-seven or something?

  • access 9 years ago

    yo i was lost with out you guys this summer. the new episode has saved me from triditional TV

    Access AKA neowhitehat

  • macaddict89 9 years ago

    I really liked how you exited to commercial and left the mics on like that.

    it’s getting really professional!

  • Zalzer 9 years ago

    Superb way to start season 2, Hak.5 just keeps getting better every time

  • Patrik 9 years ago


  • i’m glad hak5 is back but… why don’t you use the torrents? its much much quicker. Thank you hak5 for the happiness you bring to me every 5th.


    Sainttummy, from Argentina

  • syber_jedi 9 years ago

    Great episode, but I thought I’d let you know (in case you didn’t know already) that there are some audio issues. Most of the main segments are mixed to the left side. Doesn’t seem to effect some segments and the music is fine.

    Hope the FYI helped.

  • Well guys another great episode, it look’s very professional. Can I just say there were too many interviews! It was extremely interesting at the beginning but as the interviews started it got really boring. I hope that it was because it was the first episode of the season and that next episode is more exciting.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Bercik 9 years ago

    I agree with Michael. Interviews were borring.
    However episode was great.

  • I liked it.. didnt love it though. The audio was a lil wacky, the interviews were a little much. and also was it just my screen or was the opening shots and when ever you guys were at the main table it was a little dark for my liking. cant wait for sept 5

  • The xvid doesn’t have any audio for me. I’ve never had problems playing back vids before, so I don’t think anything’s wrong with my codecs.

  • I take back my previous comment about the audio. Apparently, something just got broke in my system, because no vids have audio now. Hopefully a reboot will fix it. :)

  • Hey great show keep it up!

    But I dont use the Auto Shotty I use the pump shotty…….And the Scout…

  • Nice. I have waited for this.
    Have just set up a new mediacenter to my TV. :)

    Hak.5 is just the best.
    Keep up the good work.

    From Iminzilion @ Norway

  • FAN IN OREGON 9 years ago

    Great show, guys. Like to hear more about HOPE.

    FYI: I could not watch the Xvid feed on my
    Avel Link Player 2 Media Player. All of season 1 shows I could watch via the MediaPlayer device on my big ass HDTV, but this Season 2 Ep 1 won’t play on the unit, so I watch it on my PC. Did you guys change your Xvid encoder?

  • The old saying seems to be true,
    “Everybody’s a critic!”

    Seriously, keep up the good work, guys.
    Enjoyed the show.

  • You guys friggin’ rock! I can’t express how grateful I am for that segment on Synergy. I went right out to sourceforge and got my Ubuntu and Windows pcs working and feeling as one. This is so cool.
    Anyway, love your show, keep it up. I made a post on my site (oriented for Ubuntu n00bs transitioning from Windows) referencing your show and the process for getting it installed in Ubuntu.
    Again, thanks!

  • You guys are a breath of fresh air! You bring a new honest and fresh look for those who do have a TechnoLust!!

    I’ve picked up a lot of new tricks from your shows! I’ve used them to test things that I have inplace and just fun playing around!

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to your future shows!

  • Great episode !

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