In this episode Darren builds a Network Attached Storage server for our home network using a spare PC, a compact flash card, and some BSD. Paul brings us Doom on the iPod using Linux and some geeky voodoo. Wess crafts a unique LED liquor cabinet for about a hundred bucks. And Darren puts on his slightly darker than gray hat with a USB key that owns Windows machines in a matter of seconds (with a little prevention thrown in for good measure). Plus this month’s trivia, poll, & LAN party details from the lovely and talented Alli.


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  • Yay!
    Downloading now. Thanks.
    Sounds like a pretty cool release.
    Thanks again.

  • Cool. Released just before bedtime. “Can you read me a story Hak5?”

  • YEAH :D, its time to download :p

  • bluerib 9 years ago

    Simply, you guys rock! I started watching after the release of episode 10.. had myself a nice hak5 marathon. Wow how you’ve progressed. Can’t wait to check out this month’s episode.. looks like some great content. Oh, and Darren, you are a soldier finishing up the episode with your injury. Get well soon!

  • hey, i’m subscribed to your iPod feed and its not in the rss feed yet… what’s up with that?

  • Nice work!

  • Dave The Man 9 years ago


    Download this afternoon or ASAP!

  • Fibonacci 9 years ago

    I find it interesting that the Hak5 crew want us to protect our data from evil server using Private Domain Registration when a simple whois on gives ALL of Darren’s contact info. LOL Still I really enjoy the show. Great job guys! Keep it up.

  • Edgar 9 years ago

    Plz put this episode on youtube
    i have a slow internet connection a your server does not support download resuming

  • Caustiq 9 years ago

    Good ep. Liking the level up in quality.

    I would hardly describe the whois record as revealing ALL of Darren’s information. The phone number is fake and the address is absent.

  • Great show. FYI — the substance people consume is ethanol or ethyl alcohol. *Methyl* alcohol (aka methanol) can be lethally toxic in doses as small as one ounce ( Kids, do NOT try this at home.

  • Bercik 9 years ago

    Really good ep. Hack with USB key rocks.

    “Excuse the blur” ;]

  • MikeV 9 years ago

    I’m looking around the site for the 2 files needed for the USB key, but I cant find them. Can anyone help?

  • I can expect this episode will be great, as always :D.

    On the subject of Methyl alcohol, oddly enough, that’s what Aspartame, a sugar substitute, creates when it’s ingested. Methyl alcohol then turns into formaldehyde (an embalming fluid) which is what kills you because the body cannot disolve it. And guess what, 90% of gums contain aspartame, as wells as nearly all diet products, like Crystal Light and Diet Coke/Pepsi, etc.

  • DaveThe Man 9 years ago

    Poor Darren!!!

    Hope You Get Better Darren

  • I was just wondering if any1 was going to upload this ep onto a news server

    Reason im asking is that i live in South Africa and i dont have that much international bandwidth to download this ep
    the last one was added so i was just hoping so would this one

    Cape Town SA

  • Darren, that must of really hurt! Good for you to fight back!

    Wess got pwned.


  • Is it wrong to hope that next episode the whole set will be wrapped with bubble-wrap?

    Seriously, hope the surgery goes well, Darren.

  • Another great episode, guys! It’s getting better all the time.

    Darren, that that must have hurt, man. I’m scheduled for back surgery on 12th september, too. May the force be with you.

  • neFarious 9 years ago

    Dude, bl with the hand – that sucks. Don’t let that stop you hitting back though, just be more cordinated. 😉

  • neFarious 9 years ago

    FYI: The popular security Group Astalavista have done an article on your switchblade:

    You’re really establishing yourself now!

  • izak30 9 years ago

    GoDaddy’s advertisement is nothing more than a ploy to control your domain name and hold it over your head. This has happened to many small domain owners and it’s their method of retaining business. It’s a scam and it’s wrong. Keep the internet free.

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