In this episode Paul takes a look at Q, the open source CPU emulator for Mac. Erin Shahan joins us to talk about RSI, the geeks natural predator. Alli shows off an idiot-proof Nintendo DS mod chip with plenty of hackability (and Doom of course). And Wess brings us a blingin’ modded mouse for micro with style. Plus this month�s trivia, poll, & LAN party details.


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Production Notes

Special thanks to Ashley Witt for the killer Hak5 Theme, and Pronobozo for the awesome bumper music and 3D animations!


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  • Bercik 9 years ago

    Yeah, downloading started :)

  • extreme101 9 years ago

    what is the smallest download, i live in Australia, let just say our internet infrastructure ain’t that good. 😛

  • Kieran 9 years ago

    extreme101, You’d be best with the youtube vid or if you wanna download ya might aswell just wait a while for the xvid to download.

  • Bercik 9 years ago

    Man, I live in Poland, all connection here sucks, but i have to have best quality of each episode.
    I wish, some day they will publish HD version :)

  • Dave The Man 9 years ago

    Thanks Wess and Dazza.

    Start Downloading know at Tafe!

  • Administrator 9 years ago

    The xvid is 350MB, the others are 140MB or less

  • Dave The Man 9 years ago

    WMV one is only 72 MB!

  • is there a quality difference between the xvid and the wmv?

  • Figures you would release when i am at work! Good to see the early release to make up for the one day late last time, so know you are +3 days. (^_^)

  • Optimus 9 years ago

    Great. I was planning a Hak.5 release party on the 5th and now you’ve ruined it. What am I going to do with 5 bigass pinatas?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Bercik 9 years ago

    So, maybe ep 5 will be released tommorow ;] ?

  • “is there a quality difference between the xvid and the wmv?”

    Yes, there is a HUGE difference.

  • JJ the Jetplane 9 years ago

    thanks a bunch!

  • JJ the Jetplane 9 years ago

    oh and by the way i feel sorry for you guys with with slow connections. took me less than 3 minutes at 1.5 mbs 😛

  • ok, my advise if you have a high speed connection dont bother with the WMV it looks terrible.

  • Is it just me or is the speed from the U.S being really slow nowdays, everything from PhotoshopTV to Hak5.

    Currently have a downloadspeed of 10-15 KB/sec on current episode. Got a 2MBit ISP.

  • Sorry, 2MB ofcourse.

  • The mouse hack is great, I am going to do one like it this weekend. Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Hey, guys. I’m just downloading this EP now!

    Just to remind you, you havn’t updated the PSP feed 😛

  • lightman 9 years ago

    Xvid all the way, wmv looks like s#it, download speed here is about 200k/s with my 5M connection here in argentina. too bad that there are so many places with shitty downloads (even here, 5M is the highest you can buy if you didn’t live near downtown :( )

  • lordfu 9 years ago

    interesting show guys, keep it up.

  • The Hermit 9 years ago

    Just Recently Discovered this after watching bsod gotta admit this is a lot better great show cant wait for the next

  • jfravel 9 years ago

    a correction to the RSI segment; it’s tenosynovitis (sounds like “teeno”) rather than tendosynovitis.

  • Downloading now, looking forward seeing the Q segment. I’ve used it before.

    Why don’y you use torrents anymore?

  • Is the xVid link down… I can’t get it to download anything?

  • Seems to be back up… maybe it was a 10 minute “hickup” :)

  • Woot, love the Nintendo DS Mod Chip segment. Shows that I can have a DS with some degree of PSP like haxs. 😀

  • OK. I saw the show a few weeks ago but didn’t have a chance to comment. The show was OK there were a few aspects i was like …OK didn’t expect this on Hak.5 but it was all good. i just have one question for you, what ever happened to the network security that i was learning so much from. It feels like you’ve now found something easier to do and your just sticking to it… ever since the beginning of the season i have found that the segments are getting boring.

    I really hope that you guys on the coming up show do something that will really keep me watching.

  • Yassir 9 years ago

    Try this code

  • oiwjefoij 7 years ago

    Uh, this is showing some prom queen video instead of the hak 5 video

  • Fixed. Sorry about that.

  • Great stuff. Nice to read some well written posts. A long way between them.