In this special episode of Hak5 the crew takes a techie break and heads north for the Toronto premier of Pure Pwnage episode 12. Take a trip down the red carpet and experience the phenomenon that is pure pwnage live. From micro battles to gamer mobs, even a kazoo orchestra. Then come back stage and get to know Geoff and Jarett, two of the bright minds behind the show, and gain insight into the characters, origins, and future of the show.


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  • tvguy 8 years ago

    Hey guys , Great to have the new ep to look forward too when i get home.

    Sounds like a great ep cant wait to see it. And now darren can get some sleep.
    Catch you guys later

  • Haigis 8 years ago

    Downloading it the now. Just finished my java programming for university and its 04:29 here in the UK … my eyes are going to be soo bloodshot tomorrow after watching this lol

  • Dave The Man 8 years ago

    When is the WMV Version Coming out!

  • Awesome episode. I really liked the documentary. Well done crew!!

  • Bercik 8 years ago

    At last.
    Like you said Darren, it’s great surprise for me.

  • Dave The Man 8 years ago

    Nice to see something Different!

  • NOT interesting to me anyway. I am not in to Pure Pwnage. I am not hardcore into gaming. I would have rather have some tech but then it’s your show.

  • Not for me ether.
    I’m sure lots people will like it(Pure Pwnage has a huge following)just not for me
    fingers crossed for next month!(like all the others i love.)

  • The_Nox 8 years ago

    Loved it!
    It’s nice to see you try out new genre of filming! But perhaps it would have been better to put it as a special release and not a regular one.

  • Brain3000 8 years ago

    i didn’t really enjoy it too much either, i prefer your tech/hacking bits to this kind of thing

  • MUST WATCH HAk5!!!!
    Finally, my monthly dose of technoloust!

  • Athrus 8 years ago

    Even though it wasn’t regular hak5, it was still awsome. Great work guys, keep it up!

  • teh best day ever

  • It didn’t fulfill my Technoloust :(

    [idea]next month the show should be twice as ling

  • Dave The Man 8 years ago

    Love to Download the Live Show!

  • Great work Hak5 guys, and if some of you don’t like game’s or PP, then you should at least appreciate seeing how a small hobby or project grows in such a short time. Like Hak5, like any vidcast/podcast.

  • Great job dudes! Loved the episode (like always), and since I’m quite the fan of Pure Pwnage as well, this episode is like a double treat. Can’t wait for the lan party there, hopefully Goldeneye:Source will one day be out too lol… Good job on the hard work guys! (and good job to Ali too, of course lol)

  • Good work…
    But there is no tech related stuff… Hope to see them in next episodes.

  • Hey … Where did the 1337 go :( I WANT MORE HaXz0r1ng :( WHERE IS MY Haxz0r1ng

  • Maltese 8 years ago

    I was there at the premier, it was awesome

  • U_guys leik tolly_pwn!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • i must say the show is decaying :S sorry guys teh last 2 episodes suck!

  • Thanks for that n!ce documentary!

  • You guys must be the top tech show by now!

  • lol im the kid with the Calgary flames hat on beside my friend when he was getting interviewed. You probebly remember us with all the fake money we gave you guys. Anyways, good job with your eps.

  • BadbOyKilla 8 years ago

    I own u all

  • D00d… u ju57 6ot pwned! – lol

  • Stage 6 = Dead

  • PurePwnage is the worst example of an idea turned into a money grabbing opportunity. TBH, i laughed when that black guy died.