In this episode of Hak5 Darren uses the eeePC, BackTrack 3, and Aircrack-ng to audit the security of our WPA encrypted wireless access point. Wess reviews Herbie the Mousebot from Solarbotics, a great electronics projects for beginners/intermediates. Chris Gerling comes by to show us Rockbox, the open source firmware alternative for your portable media players as well as a brief tutorial on building your own songs for frets on fire. Grab a companion cube and gather ’round for some technolust.

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  • anthrounit 8 years ago

    ha ha First post of the New Year THANKS HAK5!!

  • mrynit 8 years ago

    i have the rss feed for xvid set in miro and it is not seeing the new ep as of now

  • Happy New Year Everybody! Good Episode as well – very informative

  • Zalzer 8 years ago

    Cool it’s January 1st and just got home and now I can sit back relax and enjoy an episode of Hak.5 … thats definetly the best way to kick of 2008 … Happy New Year to all

  • Santity 8 years ago

    Wow, how many mistakes can one make in a post?

    Backtrack 3?.. latest version is 2..

    And Roxbox is anyone with brains knows you don’t add a www prefix.

    Here is a suggestion, fire the evil monkey who posted this episode.


  • This episode seems to be up quality wise from recent previous efforts. Each segment was solid and there wasn’t really a low spot. I’m not sure if more time went into each segment or what but it really showed.

    Good Stuff and a great new years gift.

  • Hey guys! Thanks so much for pimping my hacking/phreaking graphic novel, Wizzywig!

    If anyone’s interested in checking it out the can go here:


  • l337virus 8 years ago

    thx for releasing a new episode of HAK5!!!

    and yea HAPPY NEW YEARS! Hak5

  • Sanity, Backtrack 3 is in Beta – Check before you post!

  • Ed, fantastic book, I had the opportunity to thumb through it before we shot the segments the other day.

  • Administrator 8 years ago


    You’re right. This monkey should have checked his post before hitting submit. However, in monkey’s defense, he was drunk along with most of the world on newyears.

    Rockbox link fixed. And as for BackTrack 3beta, you can download it here:


  • SanParty 8 years ago

    Sanity, you got it wrong too.

  • Could someone please buy Chris some fucking nasal spray? Seriously. Damn.

  • I don’t know what it is but I have been sick the last 3 times i’ve been out there.

    Currently battling a chest cold.

  • Administrator 8 years ago

    I actually took the time to mute out as many of the sniffles as I could.

    Maybe Chris is allergic to hacking?

  • Resando 8 years ago

    Which dictionary list(s)do you guys prefer?

  • v1p3r 8 years ago

    Does anybody have a good dictionary list that I could use in a dictionary attack?

  • digideth 8 years ago

    so will there be a hak5live soon or what?

  • Great episode guys, yall are definitely on track to a great year of content!

  • Kaynaro 8 years ago

    Great show once again guys!


    Where can i find more information (articles etc) on your segment about the “recovering” of WPA-PSK key’s?


  • Great show guys, and thanks for introducing the new beta of BackTrack3! Here’s a tidbit, muts included the wifi drivers for the Eee into BT3 only moments before cvs was closed! With the help of aircrack-ng krew and madwifi, we made the deadline. Visit us at and (the “official” training site of BackTrack)

  • Rennfield 8 years ago

    Could someone please check the Xvid link, I keep getting the message.

    “The website declined to show the page. Most likely cause: The site requires you to log in.”

  • Administrator 8 years ago

    I’ve contacted Libsyn support about the xvid issue and will report back once resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Administrator 8 years ago

    Libsyn has fixed the issue. Thanks.

  • admin 8 years ago

    So what is the name of that Nintendo DS wireless deauth tool?
    Where can I get it?

  • Spudgun 8 years ago

    Hey nice new theme! 😛

    Can’t wait til the next ep =P


  • wargsm 8 years ago

    Great ep guys, filled a page or two in notepad and added some new bookmarks to the list as always.

    I have a HP Compaq Presario V6000 with Broadcom 802.11 a/b/bg wireless card. I’ve been trying to get it connected in backtrack for a long time, but to no avail. It just doesn’t want to go wireless in nix. I’ve read through tutorials and forums for months as well. What would you suggest I do? Is there a fix, or should I buy a new card? If so what would you recommend, seeing as I need to be able to inject packets as well.

    Thanks for any help offered.


  • Keith 8 years ago

    where are the shownotes?

  • nice episode.

  • Drake 7 years ago

    Where are the show notes :(
    really good ep 😛

  • moooan 7 years ago

    What was the exact model number of the eeepc used in this video?


  • courtland 7 years ago

    hey guys, this is really neat. i have a 17″ macbook pro and i am running backtrack 3 under parallels. ive also got a partition for Fedora Core 5 (for school). Now that i have started backtrack 3 in text mode i can see that there is still a GUI and a (KDE??) “start menu” like windows. when i opened it, i saw backtrack, et al utilities like aircrack, kismet, etc. so now i guess i dont have to install all of these apps to get started.
    today i went out and bought the Belkin N1 wireless card (F5D8071) with the Atheros chipset. is this all i need to get into into monitor mode while running kismet? and another question, will i be able to crack my own home network with my current computer setup?
    i know that i need to somehow get the backtrack 3 partition to read the from the Belkin card and that is where i am having issues.

    your input is greatly appreciated…

  • mrgoodbites 6 years ago

    ware can i find the hak5 frets on fire song to download? i tried out frets on fire n love it n wood love to rock out to the hak5 theme.