The gang heads to Phreaknic in Nashville Tennessee and in Hak5 tradition brings you a sampling including interviews with Russell Butturini about his U3 Incident Response Tool, Adrian Crenshaw, aka Irongeek, about Keyloggers and other embedded hacking, Daniel Hooper about Software Defined Radio and GNU Radio, Eighty of Dual Core, Droops from Hacker Media, and more. Yeehaw!
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Show Notes

Russell Butturini shows us the U3 Incident Response Payload for the USB switchblade. Code and tutorial on the forums.

Adrian Crenshaw, aka Irongeek talks about Hardware Keyloggers and other geeky bits.

Daniel Hooper explains Software Defined Radio, GNU Radio, and the universal software radio peripheral.

Plus talks with Nerdcore star Eighty of Dual Core and Droops from Hacker Media and Hacker Public Radio.

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  • Crenchaw? :)

    It was great meeting you guys. Hope to see you at the next one.

  • You forgot to put .org onto the end of “Hacker Public Radio”‘s domain!

    Nice episode 😀

  • someguy 7 years ago

    Irongeek is my hero!

  • had phun next year I will have some idiot proof classes

  • Denis 7 years ago


    Where are the “supplemental materials” ?
    This “party backpack” seems awesome, and I’d like to watch this interview with Scott. Are there any links ?!?


  • IronG33k you rock,I am an uber Fan, Thanks for HUGE effort in educating the public, noobs included (like me)

    Keep blazing the Trail

    ROCK ON !!!!