Darren demos optical character regocnition and bar code lookups with GOCR. Shannon talks about a new way to organize your desktop with Microsoft Scalable Fabrics. Matt protects a public workstation with Windows Steady State. Plus USB Protocol Analyzers and Paul’s pink flamingo. Yeah.
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Show Notes

Darren demos an Optical Character Recognition with GOCR and lookups at UPC Database proof of concept.

Matt talks about Windows Steady State – an invaluable tool for anyone managaing public computers.

Shannon explains Microsoft Scalable Fabrics – an interesting concept in desktop organization.

Darren answers SinisterBlack’s questions about USB sniffing and points out two USB Protocol Analyzers – SniffUSB and USBTrace

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  • Kahuna 7 years ago

    Great episode, i especially liked the portion on SteadyState. looks like its time to go break more ‘security’ software…

    FYI the command prompt is still available if you have access to the C:\ drive by going to C:\windows\system32\

    This trick works in most secure environments because blocking of the command prompt is done in most environments by setting the registry entry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System\DisableCmd to 0x00000001 or 0x00000002 which only blocks cmd.exe and/or batch files

  • this one was cool not much happening but still fun to watch.
    (I would of loved to enter that raffle BUT i live in england so its not open to me :'( why…. (<– just like a movie i read TOS) but i will still carry on.)

  • Daniel 7 years ago

    what happend to wes? he hasn’t been on hak5 for ages now :(


    “This post bring some serious news. I have recently sent a message to my cast mates at Hak.5 in which I, for lack of better words, resigned from the show. ”


    but what i really wanted to say:

    #1 More Linux
    #2 Wes was better than …, bring back the flashing L.E.D.’s
    #3 Come to Oz, see u here
    #4 Get Wilder

  • Hola Flabongo N00bletts!!!

    The correct technique is to fill the flabongo tail-down so that the body is in a 45-degree angle. You’ll know you’re doing it right when you’re filling the body and not the neck. Then tip and gulp.

  • I block in my environment. So it’s not going to work everywhere.

  • rpk5000 7 years ago

    Good episode, all of them have been great so far.

    Killed me with the kerning though, “Raffs tar .com”, first I had to deal with usb 3.0’s logo being horrible kerning wise, then you had to go and do this? And then display it twice? 😀

    On a more serious note, well done, steadystate was kinda nice, especially as an alternative to deepfreeze and other similar products.

  • Sk3tch 7 years ago

    2 Thumbs Up. Missed the live feed, so was happy to dl today.
    (“sweetness” @ Vendetta Mask)

    Really liked the seg on USB Packet Sniffing! Then again, any new USB hack, sniff, mod is epic.

  • link12245 7 years ago

    I love the hidden message at the end. Cant wait to get me that shirt!!!!



    Anyone care to do that one.

    (email me for a hint)

  • and even they can be played up too much some times… i agree, needs more hack related content, thats what i find interesting, not about how to admin window$ networks, get a linux geek on the show or sumthin …

  • Without Wess is like Guns ‘n’ roses without Slash!

  • Mnemonic 7 years ago

    Hey there, great episode, but about the FON… far I haven’t seen much on what this thing can actually do in the wild. I have one coming from the UK and it cost me a few $aud… i’d like to see a lot more on what this baby is capable of please?????

  • Nice episode, enjoyed it! Like the diversity in your shows, not too serious and just plain fun! Keep up the good work.

    put more unix stuff into the show, if you need some help or ideas, give me a ring :)

  • Loved the Steadystate demo. Another good usage is for parents!!

    Complete control over usage combined with a great base image makes this application rock!

    Time limiter, application filters all work to make this one great application!

  • Mnemonic 7 years ago

    whats with the xvid download….it comes to a go daddy ad and then the fiile ends???

  • Erroneous 7 years ago

    Actually, a quick experiment did prove that GOCR does in fact read the bar code, not just the numbers under the bar code. It also seems to work a bit better (though slower) than zebra, an open source barcode reader.

  • Deepfreeze Standard / enterprise = total protection


  • soon to get rich online 7 years ago

    Shannon is so fucken hot……..Thank god you guys have her on the show any ways……..Thanks for the great show…..