In this Holiday Special Hak5 the cast delivers a smathering of thier choices in freeware/shareware, open source applicatons. Matt sings praise of the free Vmware Server product for virutual goodies. Jason Applebaum discovers his once lost joy in having hard drive space with TreePie. Shannon show her affection for our mechanical friends with ElectricSheep. Darren wish peace for the whole graphics art world with InkScape. Finally Paul decks the halls with a few of his applications for OSX.


Show Notes

In this Holiday Special Hak5 the cast delivers a smathering of thier choices in freeware/shareware, open source applicatons.

Matt sings praise of the free Vmware Server product for virutual goodies.

Jason Applebaum discovers his once lost joy in having hard drive space with TreePie.

Shannon show her affection for our mechanical friends with ElectricSheep


Darren wish peace for the whole graphics art world with InkScape.

Finally Paul decks the halls with a few of his applications for OSX.

Until next week we welcome your feedback and remind you to Trust your Technolust

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  • darkphan 6 years ago

    A handy little OS X app to check what is eating your harddrive space is Grand Perspective, and can be downloaded at

  • I didn’t really like this one but that don’t bother me one bit as i will keep watching. audio went out of sync till the godaddy add (second one, Liked the first one)

  • Shanghai 6 years ago

    Regarding TreePie, you might want to try WinDirStat. They even have a portable version.

    I think it has a better UI, although it takes a little time to index the larger drives of today.

  • I much prefer WinDirStat over what they showed.

    Hey Hak5, I like your show, but lately its annoying. Seems to take forever to get the point, and in say a half an hour to an hour show, there is about 5-10 min of actual information. Tekzilla is a better model to fallow. :)

  • Randome 6 years ago

    We miss Wess and his kick ass Mods :(

  • cornboy3 6 years ago

    There is an other application that is way better than TreePie and its name is JDiskReport.

  • @ Name : While we’re glad you watch the show, and enjoy Tekzilla, our show is not solely based on user submitted questions. Each week, we aim to bring you your weekly dose of Technolust. However, most people enjoy seeing a human side to their hosts rather than straight information. If that was the case why even do video? You could get the same level of information from an online magazine. The point is, we’re glad you watch, but to simply copy a format because you think it works better, sorry, but we’ll stick with what makes Hak5 – Hak5.

    @ Randome : Sorry you miss him, but we do have some really great things planned that will give you your mod fix. Just need to let the holiday and conference season settle down a bit so we can work on them.

    @ Everyone making comparisons to TreePie : Thank you for your comments. I’m sure Jason has more directory analyzing programs than he possibly knows what to do with.

  • @Name, while Tekzilla’s format doesn’t suit us you do bring up a good point that our banter does tend to run on. While this episode isn’t what I would consider ground-breaking I’m sure we can tighten some things up in future episodes. While some are fans of the nearly hour long marathons I believe we can cover the same material with the same personality and banter in a tight 30-40 minutes. It’s always a tough balance between too little info and too much so please bear with us as we find the right balance.

  • James 6 years ago

    Matt and Darren ,

    No, Don’t listen to these fools !!!! Hak5 is perfect !

    Hak5 is obv. cool 😛 ( AS LONG AS YOU GUYS DONT QUIT obv. ) lol

    thank you come again !

  • twocs 6 years ago

    @Name, i don’t know what you’re talking about. It seems like you’ve never watched Tekzilla. The hosts on Tekzilla ramble on about unrelated things for most of the show! They take lots of tangents about their personal lives and include some rumors about different companies. I don’t know where Tekzilla got their brick wall backdrop either…

    Keep Hak5 real!

  • ctguy 6 years ago

    @Darren, Thank you for your concise response about the show. While Matt went on the defensive, you took Name’s response as a suggestion. @Matt… I probably would have responded the same way. It is hard not to take your hard work and not be defensive about it.

    The unfortunate part is that I like the information that you guys provide. I am well-versed on the end-user environment, but not the behind the scenes stuff of servers, etc. Your show provides me with the technolust that I can’t get in other places. I just feel that Name’s post is correct. While this was a holiday show of sorts, it just seems drawn out and not enough bang for the buck. Although Shannon is new to the whole production, her banter conversations don’t have much “value added.” Sorry, Snubs.

    I like your segments. Please keep doing them. I just think that with some more practice, you can make appropriate segues without adding 5 minutes chunks to your bottom line. The banter around the ads are causes me to fast forward through them and miss them completely. I can’t say that you or Revision 3 want that to happen? I can usually get through the ads without fast-forwarding as long as they move quickly. Lately, it is easy to FF through the banter and the ad at the same time.

    This post is meant to be constructive criticism. I’m not one of those whiners and I know that I can leave Hak5. I just hope that you see it as the suggestions that it is and not just a complaining post.

  • Bill Goldberg 6 years ago

    Great show as always, but I would like to see some more Linux stuff in the future.


    ps: the stickers are great

  • I’m still a big fan of SpaceMonger. Sorry guys, nothing quite holds a candle to it yet.

  • hexskrew 6 years ago

    I love your show just the way it is. I love it because it is all your show.

    What really comes to my mind with these posts is diggnation…. It used to be a kickass show with fun-fun drunkeness, fun, AND information. Now it’s basically about their own personal crap, and whatever kevin rose felt like submitting to digg. They dont even talk about anything any origionals of the show want to hear about (this also includes me. i started watching when they came out with ep. 2).

    I like all your rants and ravings about odd and abstract things. You all get off topic but you always let us know what it’s about and why. You include the audience into the topic so-to-speak. And to top it off, none of you sound fake (my biggest ass itch about diggnation)

    And even though people say techzilla’s format is better, im sorry but that show really REALLY sucks now because it gives a project, and then grabs your hand and walks you through it as if you have no knowledge whatsoever about anything they do, almost as if they were trying to teach a grandma to do a project. To top it all off, they get so off topic that half the time lately they dont remember where they were in the informational chat, and everything is ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that are completely isolated and irrelevant from the audience.

    So in short…. SKrEw all of you who think the show should change and YAY to the people like me… n stuff.

  • @hexskrew, I must commend you on your most eloquent argument closing. That made my night. I think you may have been channeling Eric Cartman there.

    Anyway, like I said, it’s a balance. I know you guys want a good mix and though we’re not always going to get it absolutely right we’ll strive to bring you the perfect amount of produced content along with the off the cuff tech ramblings you’ve come to expect from a bunch of IT ninjas trapped inside a technodorm enslaved by IPTV overlords and evil servers forced to share our insight on networking, hacking, gaming and all around technolust on a weekly basis.

    Note: I may have embellished a bit

  • hayden 6 years ago

    great show guys, biggup the open source crew ! just great to get the word out there for premo apps like vlc, as most know but u could plug , is the OpenCD, iso packed with the best open source apps from gimp to open office, scribe anu eve mini putt putt (a fav)

    another thing you could cover which im just getting into and would have found it handy to have known more is vps managment for servers, i was recommended hypervm but decided to look around for a GPL variant and found Proxmox (both use openVZ containers). it seems allright an if uve got a dedicated box it sure save mucking up ur root host distro and having to pay all the time to have the server farm ops fix it back up…

    plus you can test out other os’s and web apps without risking ur “production” setup.

    now i know uve covered VM b4 but VPS are different, the have a much lower overhead and are perfect for the web.

    ps – you should use the word linux in your show atleast once every episode or u just aint cutting the leet cheese my friends ! ;p


  • JohnP 6 years ago

    VMware has some good stuff, but Xen and VirtualBox also are good “where they fit.”

    VirtualBox is easier to use than any of the VMware products, IME. Try this first for a single PC environment. VirtualBox is free for “personal use” – basically, if not supported by your IT department. Sun is the support org.

    Xen has lower overhead and doesn’t require rebuilding the kernel constantly – not fun if you have 2-20k servers to manage. We run all our enterprise apps on 2 physical servers, each with 6 Xen VMs. Xen is FLOSS.

    In an enterprise, VMware is king primarily due to commercial management software and running Windows server. If you look at the pricing – VMware is far from cheap.

    I love the show! Even us “old guys” (over 20 years in IT/development/systems arch) can learn something new. Less Windows, more UNIX/Linux, please!

  • Great show. Always loved it. Keep up the good work guys.

    Happy New Year !
    * Cheers *

  • Kevin 6 years ago

    Great episode guys! I always welcome recommendations on open source/freeware software.

    I, personally, would enjoy an episode dedicated to Mac as you mentioned. I am a fairly new Mac user and don’t always have the time to go out and research the best software to use as Windows replacements, especially for blackhat/whitehat hacking, net analytics, etc. I hope you were serious about that idea and not just making a fleeting comment!

    Keep it up!

  • doobiest 6 years ago

    TreePie sucks use WinDIrStat. way slicker,

  • treepie 1.3 is available. work on f u c k i n g vista now.


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