Tired of paying $9.95 an hour for WiFi at the airport? Can you resolve DNS? We head down to Mubix’ lair and build a SSH SOCKS proxy over a DNS tunnel. Then we speak with Tyler McAdams from LinuxDNA about kernel optimizations and the future of gaming on Linux.

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Show Notes

DNS Tunneling

The basic premise comes down to this: If you can connect to a wireless access point that has a captive portal running, constantly forwarding your web requests to a payment page, you can most likely bypass those restrictions if you can get name resolution.

Simply open a shell and ping your favorite website. It doesn’t matter if you get ICMP packets back, what you’re looking for is name resolution. If ping says “Pinging www.l.google.com []” or similar you should be all set to tunnel your traffic over DNS

In order to get going you’ll need a domain, or sub-domain, a set of Perl scripts called Ozyman, a server to run the ozyman and ssh daemons on, and a little luck

Full step by step instructions can be found at Mubix’s wonderful blog o goodness at Room362.com.

Linux Gaming

In this episode we had the pleasure of having Tyler McAdams of Linux DNA on the show to talk about gaming on Linux and mad performance optimizations with ICC. Tyler was happy to announce that LinuxDNA is now working with Dream Linux for the ASUS eee PC.

Thanks to those who’ve contributed to the success of Hak5. Your donations are greatly appreciated!

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  • Cornboy3 6 years ago

    Didn’t Hak5 used to be about 45 minutes?

  • In the video, you show a link to “DreamLinux.com”…. The correct domain is “DreamLinux.com.br”.

  • You are right Cornboy3 they mostly are (i noticed it as well for being short but i wanna know about this Monkey….?)
    I will be getting that dns thing happening soon as if my internet goes again (for more than a week) i will just go down the road as they hav that page block

  • HDjunkie 6 years ago

    I was surprised it was over so quickly. Love the show, though…I’m a returning viewer after a couple year hiatus. It’s cool to see you on revision3.

  • carlos 6 years ago

    If I can ping Google, can’t I use plink and a ssh server at home as well? Even if wireless is free, you always want to be secure, so I want to know if I can keep using the same method for free and non-free access points. Also, can I surf over my fonera access point this way? Neat idea. I have a fonera router so I can surf away from home, but this is more fun.

  • LorenzoRims 6 years ago

    Did we forget that Chris Gerling first brought up DNS tunneling back in 2007 with hak5live episode 8?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXrdrUxsc48

  • LorenzoRims 6 years ago

    Did we forget that Chris Gerling brought up DNS tunneling back in 2007 in hak5live episode 8?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXrdrUxsc48

  • Yeah but I didn’t really do much with it. It was more of a discussion honestly. This puts things into practice. :)

  • Skisy 6 years ago

    Liked this episode, in fact I’m thinking the new series is pretty neat with random little quirky bits too! As for episode length, I’m a BOL listener so I’m used to varying episode lengths…I don’t see any reason why they should always be the same.

  • hey guys i think the is messed up. over flow value is killing cursors, even when screen isn’t centered. other than that keep up the good work. good epp.

  • that was supposed to say div srry.

  • Jan Brooks 6 years ago

    When I try to change my name servers in godaddy like you are doing it comes up with error saying that name servers are not registered. What am I doing wrong?

  • AlcoholBliss 6 years ago

    I call bullshit on Tyler McAdams claims of Steams / Valves involvement in porting to Linux for gaming. Was that tidbit meant as as a joke and I misses the punch line? Valve/Steam constantly denies any such Linux rumors / and locks such topics in forum threads.

  • WTF is up with the dark, black background around da goirl? Hard to see, hard to follow, hard to keep attention. Can’t you manage to get her in a decent prop studio?

    DNS tunneling works (for now) most places. It can even be used in (some) corporate environments that have an open DNS internally before they authenticate. Yet another way around Windows AD. Normally doesn’t work when they have ISA installed but you can’t have everything.

    Keep up the good work.


  • after i downloaded all the files such as PERL, MIME, NET DNSa dn the scripts…where im going to put it….? cause when im trying to run these fiels..it keeps asking dll’s files..

  • strido 6 years ago

    dos any one know about this “free” 3g modem i denmark Mubix mentions, because im from Denmark and i have not herd about it before.. and i could be funny to see if it was doable…

  • pineapple?

  • provito 5 years ago

    i see CrunchBang Linux

  • the prtable edition is free for a 30 day trial