Backing up Wii games to SD so you can play them in HD with the Dolphin Emulator. Ubuntu inside Windows, the SheevaPlug and Fon 2.0 embedded Linux devices.’s photo finder for facebook. The best Doom source ports and much more.

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Show Notes

  • Darren opens the show with the “Stalker Wall” from
  • Shannon is excited about the Dolphin Wii Emulator and its 720p HD capabilities as seen on youtube
  • Shannon and Darren discuss backing up Wii games with special hardware
  • And the Dolphin Emulator’s compatability list
  • Then Shannon details how to backup Wii games to SD card using some homebrew apps including a wad manager, ios5.wad, and nitrotux’s Wii disc dumper. All the important detials are up on Shannon’s blog
  • Darren is happy to be running Ubuntu inside Windows with Portable Ubuntu for Windows
  • Darren explains that its using Cooperative Linux for virtualization.
  • A full write-up can be found at
  • Darren just got his SheevaPlug and can’t wait to play with it.
  • has a great review of the SheevaPlug
  • It’s already being used in consumer electronics. For example, the PogoPlug, the CloudPlug, and the Hip Serv.
  • The developers kit can be had for about $100 from
  • Shannon has been playing with the facial recognition technology in’s Photo Finder Facebook application. Word is she’s got some invites. Hit her up or see all the details on her blog at
  • Darren wraps up the book on Doom with a chapter on his favorite source ports. The roundup includes Legacy, Doomsday, Classic Doom 3, and Eternity Engine.
  • Finally we answer a bunch of your questions. Remember to send your thoughts to or
  • And don’t forget, this month our LAN Party is Skulltag — an epic port of the original Doom and Doom II. It brings the classic first person shooter into the 21st century while maintaining the essence of what made Doom great for so many years. I highly recommend you check it out and get involved in this all-month-long LAN Party at

    If you don’t already have a copy of doom.wad or doom2.wad grab a legit copy from steam for $10 or grab the open source iWad FreeDoom!

    Happy Fragging

    Special shout out to Tamara Hudson of and for the awesome “D-Monkey”. We’re giving away one of her sock monkey kits as a prize for this week’s contest. Detials at

    Thanks for your contributions and support — we really appreciate it!

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  • gets worse and worse every ep.

  • The “compatability list” (( also spelled incorrectly 😛 )) has a bad link:
    Should be:

    Also, Shannon has yet to make a post on her blog about this months stuff just yet.

  • And by this month I mean this episode. XD

  • @john thanks for the immensely constructive criticism. I’ll bring it up at our next Hak5 Awesomeness meeting.

    @Gyro, thanks (honestly) for the fix. I’ll update the show notes now. Shannon should have the show notes on her blog tonight. Sorry for the delay.

  • PacGamer 6 years ago

    I really love long episodes. To be honest, the last couple of episodes were lacking in content, but this really brings it back with loads of content. I realize, that longer episodes = more work for you, but this was great. A show with this detail is great every once in a while to bring it back.

    As I was watching, there was one point where I was like “Darren forgot to edit this, didn’t he?”. You seem to have found that out.

  • @Darren
    You are very much welcome.

    Love the show and really like these long episodes. Especially love seeing the missed point that was likely meant to be edited out. It is fun to see the behind the scenes look. My be neat to release a thing some times of just all the behind the scene stuff. I know I can see it if I watch the house feed but it is just not really the same. More like a peek into everyday life and production on a more refined level.

    Still hoping you guys to the Xbox 360 HD creation hack to be able to put together your own Xbox 360 hard drives.

  • fusion 6 years ago

    good episode guys! i like these lengthy episodes, just hope you guys have some more pimptastic technical stuff to show us. and thanks for the shout out!

  • A suggestion for the Fon or other itty bitty cheap low power dual ethernet connected linux in a box. If one of these could be a rabidly aggressive really secure firewall/internet security/maybe even antivirus box that consumed zero cycles on my machine while it was working this would be really interesting. If it could be as secure as OpenBSD and still very simple to select what is and is not allowed to pass through then that would be the goal. The Stingray hardware firewall was something like this, but I think they are out of business now.

    Even more interesting and maybe fun if it could show a page of all the netscum as it was blocking them in real time. Buried somewhere I have a little USB device that looks like a British mailbox that pops up a flag every time OE gets a new mail. I was going to hack this to feed off the log file of a router firewall and have it wave at me every time it bounced scum, but I couldn’t get it working. If this could be done with a Fon or equivalent that might be amusing.

    And what is it about the / web pages that makes the cursor in Opera in XP invisible unless it is moving? This happens in versions 9.27 and 9.64. For a minute I thought it was this month’s Microsoft bug patches, but it only shows up thus far in your domain. Wait a minute, I check and see the same behavior with IE6 after I start filling in this form. This is annoying.

    Lastly, geeze it would be nice if there was a convenient way to fast-forward to the end of a topic that isn’t interesting to a viewer. As it is it is really difficult to tell when one item ends and the next begins. The Tivo remote has an “advance” button that I think I remember hops forward to the next “time point” that is set in a video, but if no time points are set then it just hops to the end of the whole episode, maybe something like that could be incorporated that everyone could use. If you could think of any way to make it easy for people to skip to the next topic I think some might find this really useful.

    Thanks for all your work

  • Hey guys, nice show. I came accross it via TiVo, so I’m glad you got that hook up to reach some of us more casual hackers.

    I’m kinda excited about the SheevaPlug, too. I ordered one about a week ago and it should be here in another week or two. I’m intrigued to see what it can do.

    I had some ideas I had that I’m pretty sure I won’t have the time or patience to work on, but maybe you might try. At $50 to $100 per computer, I really like the idea of a cluster on a powerstrip (or UPS). The SheevaPlugs have gigabit ethernet, so if you threw a couple of them on a power strip along with a gigabit swtich, you could have a couple of gigahertz of CPU-intensive cluster for cheaper and less wattage than a “real” computer. Hey, put a powerline ethernet adapter to the WAN port on the switch and have a 2-plug cluster-to-go.

  • (accidentally submitted before done. Captcha may be broken if it allowed that…)

    My first thought of what do do with such a cluster was Folding@Home, but I’m not sure that would work, since I don’t think theres a F@h client out for ARM chips like the Marvell Sheeva (or Kirkwood, or whatever) and F@H doesnt make their source available. I think SETI@Home does, though. I believe Marvell will be helping support a gcc compiler for their chip, so theoretically you can run whatever you can get source for. Theoretically.

    I know a lot of those distributed rendering projects work really fast on GPU hardware, which of course the SheevaPlug lacks entirely, but it would be interesting (to me, anyway) to see how a GPU-based client stacks up next to a Sheeva-based one in terms of efficiency, ie, work units either per dollar or per watt.

  • (happened again. Pressed return key for new line and accidentally submitted without interacting with Captcha at all. For trouble-shooting purposes, I’m on Win 7 beta, build 7000, trying out IE 8 beta, on a Samsung NC10)

    Anyway, I’ll be interested to see what you guys hack together, and waiting to get my hands on one of my own.

    Thanks for your good work!

  • shannons rants = not funny

  • i think hak5 is lowering their standards with weekly doses .. the monthly dose of technolust was great and guys there is no need to hurry or make a point with filthy matter … i honestly see no point of shannon and wee’s participating .. i would love an interview with muts , renderman and other cool guys even if its a month one rather than downloading the entire episode to see “Weeeee” on a sd ..

    p.s i have been following hak5 for a good time now and iam sry if i had spoke anything in excess

    best regards

  • kazys 6 years ago

    After watching show about colinux on windows. Decided to load portable ubuntu on my htpc and try getting boxee to load. Need some luck that the video will be fast enough.

  • wtfacocontu 6 years ago

    Lol dude!! for the Fon or sheeva devices I really only got one plan for them, bittorrent 24/7.

  • peter 3 years ago

    i cant find where to download wii disc dumper :(