This time on the show Darren’s having a little man-in-the-middle fun with a demonstration os SSLStrip, an epic tool for removing that pesky encryption from your victims browsing session.

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Moxie Marlinspike‘s SSLStrip, released at Blackhat/DEFCON this year, is a tool that transparently hijacks HTTP traffic and redirects HTTPS links to look-alike HTTP links. While this description barely scratches the surface, Darren’s segment takes a closer look including a pracitcal demonstration of a man-in-the-middle attack using arpspoof and a little luck with remote-exploit’s BackTrack 4 penetration testing distribution.

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  • JC Denton 6 years ago

    Back to grass roots,
    Great Job Darren
    was definitely feelin the love again. good to see you all. have a good one

  • JC Denton 6 years ago

    P.S The random act of dumping ones drink on head…. Priceless.

  • Hi Darren,

    nice show. Very interesting. It remebered me of a similar hack I tried a little time ago. Maybe you know it? First redirect all traffic from the router to you by using “arpredirect -t VictIP HackerIP”, then you use “fragrouter -B1” to switch on forwarding. After this you can go on as described in the show.

    Maybe you know it….

    Best greetings

    Hans (Germany)

  • Great episode…good content…way to fire back at the haters. Anxious to see the segments development!!!

  • Sitwon 6 years ago

    @Matt: I’ve been using VirtualBox for two or three years through dozens of versions upgrades including some major changes to the VM and I’ve never had any serious problems when upgrading the version.

    Your “advice” sounds more like FUD to me.

  • @Matt: VirtualBox in Ubuntu here… I install every single update and never had a problema. All my VMs, Ubuntu, WinXP, Win7, Fedora, etc all keep on working.

    That F*** LDAP shirt reminds me… can you guys show us some SSO (Single Sign On) solution, LDAP or NOT, for Windows and Linux workstations, using samba and/or NFS?
    I still haven’t understtod LDAP… and couldn’t make a NIS server work.

  • Langleyo 6 years ago

    Really appreciate the show, very entertaining and informative, especially the Matt virtualisation segments which have fired me up to build a server laboratory.

    Matt definitely has a Mr. Spock vibe thing going on there :-) Check he’s not an android!

  • Great content. Extremely glad to see content like this again. Can’t wait for the ettercap segment.

  • Robert 6 years ago

    Great info about sslstrip!

    I really like when you go through different tools in e.g Backtrack 4.

    Darren, I use Mac OS X, different dists of Linux and different versions of Windows. What about hacking filevault on Mac OS X? Coldboot attacks on Macs?


    /rob in Sweden

  • Daehlie 6 years ago

    where can I acquire this “***k LDAP” shirt?

  • “you can try that on any banksite” roger that Darren :d

    Maybe something about win 7? Ive already heard people that had trouble
    updating it so where’s the perfect M$ OS now ?!
    Why not make a segment on LDAP and its alternatives?
    Nessus? Maltego?
    Ettercap is a great program, you can also arpspoof with it and load the http module but getting it to work with openssl is more difficult than with sslstrip.

    Personally i find episodes like this one very very intresting.

  • This what I am talking about baby…old skool!

    You know it is a good episode when it feels to short.

    Is Lestocks hate for vbox just based on what he read on forums?…if that is the case then EVERY program would suck. Also a dirty little secret is a lot of companies will delete forum post about problems if they get out of hand. So using forum postings as a base of comparison is BS.

    I got a fever…and the only cure is more Rum on Kitchens head.

  • pixelateddwarf 6 years ago

    It would be interesting in a future episode to show how you “wire up” these things to test the exploits. Network map maybe? You said you wired to him with your handy cat5 cable – but not anything else about it.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Glad to see the gang back together – why did only you and matt talk this time?

    USB Switchblade Tshirts — getting into vaperware are we?

  • G Laverne Flambeau 6 years ago

    Thanks for the STRIPSSL demo.
    Steve Gibson talked about this two weeks ago on Security Now and he was on the right track but didn’t quite get to the right conclusion.
    This week Leo Laporte got this completely wrong and convinced Steve that typing “https” in front of a URL provides security against the Moxie attack.

  • Matt Smith 6 years ago

    Good Episode, Great Work Guys And Gal

  • Enlightened 6 years ago

    Awesome – Adito, vulnerabilities, knowledge.

  • suupernova 6 years ago


    “What about hacking filevault on Mac OS X? Coldboot attacks on Macs? ”

    was covered generically ages ago

    @Alroger Filho

    “VirtualBox in Ubuntu here… I install every single update and never had a problema. All my VMs, Ubuntu, WinXP, Win7, Fedora, etc all keep on working.”

    I have never had a issue with viruses on windows, doesn’t mean other people haven’t experienced them. Matt did say from what he was seeing as feedback on other forums. Why not search, read and reply to them?

  • @G Laverne: if the landing page is over HTTPS then a MITM attack will throw an SSL cert error

  • dave z 6 years ago

    Virtualbox ose networking isn’t that crash hot for me…..
    Vmware isn’t the best thing easier. KVM or XEN are both good solutions / alternatives :)

  • Robert 6 years ago

    The fact that it so easy to do a man in the middle attack on a SSL connection is why I always use A VPN service. That way I don’t have to worry about maintaining, and it is a very fast server located in a data center. I really like road warrior

  • Uroš 6 years ago

    I love your show. It is great for fun and learning new things! Keep up the good work.

  • Ok….. Well long after the departure of Wess one of the all time awesome dudes we are stuck with pathetic clowns some chick who has slut photos all over the web and a terribad rapture of technology…. I used to have a signed pic up of the Hak5 crew @ my desk but i think i could safely replace that with a windows 7 sticker cuase it sucks less Peace out and remember what you do in your life echoes through eternity !

    Take care Codex !

  • One error I found with this attack is it triggers an Error on windows XP as soon as the arpspoofing commence. The error report duplicate IP address on the network :) So its not that stealthly!

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  • I don’t think there will be any spectacular sight on the 5th of November unless
    you hack some coolness out of the govt again.