Cheap mod chips plus free dev tools equals hello world on the Nintendo DS! Jason joins us to geek out about code up the dual screen’d programmers playground that is NDS homebrew. Matt has answers to your questions about Virtual Routers, Paul comes out from behind the camera to school us on SSH Tunneling for the Mac, and Darren’s featuring some pretty Python & PHP to tunnel cross platform.

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Title: Virtual Routers?
Time: 3:20
Keywords: virtual router, virtual machine, vm, virtualization, vmware, virtualbox, cisco, nexus, nexus switch, cisco nexus, nexus 1000v, nexus 1000

Joe Switch writes in to ask what the deal is with Virtual Routers and other such untangable networks. Matt has the answer. The way I understand it your more high end (read: expensive) Cisco and Juniper routers have virtual routers built in — much like you might have a virtual interface like eth0:1 in Linux — to manage VLANS, IP subnets and such.

Matt goes on to explain that in the vSphere product by VMware you can use the APIs to write, basically, a software based switch to compliment your existing deployments. Check out the Cisco Nexus 1000V. It’s a software implementation of a Cisco Nexus switch. I’d love to get my hands on it but at nearly $1000/year I’ll find something open source. Speaking of which, we’ve been meaning to play with a Cisco virtual network application but are in need of an ISO. If you’re privy to an open source alternative or can help out drop us a line.

Make your own Nintendo DS Games for free!

If it begins with a #include and ends in a semi-colon our friend Jason is all over it. This week he’s in studio covering a subject near and dear to our hearts — Nintendo DS Homebrew.

Let’s face it, the Nintendo DS is a happy little platform full of hacking potential. And with a well established homebrew community it’s the perfect device to start your next weekend project with. Jason takes you from Homebrew 101, including carts and roms, to getting the Dev tools and building your first Hello World app.

For more see or email

Mac tunneling the free and easy way

Paul can’t hide behind the camera forever, and this week we’re pleased to have him break down the free and easy way to SSH Tunnel on a mac. After Hak5 viewer Lavi wrote in about SSHTunnel 1.6 Paul was happy to check out the program. Thanks for sending in your freeware picks!

SSH Tunneling the cross-platform way with Python and PHP

Another great bit of feedback from the SSH Tunneling segment in episode 614 was from Jan-Marten in The Netherlands. His Hak5 inspired cross-platform Python and PHP scripts, available from his blog allow you to easily configure and save SSH tunneling options. Awesome code Jan-Marteen, thanks for sending it in!

Of course if you have feedback for the show, code you’d like to send by, tips on legally acquiring a cisco IOS, freeware you want to let us know about, questions, or criticisms just write us:

And don’t forget to check out the Hak5 Store for our holiday sale on all new Hak5 T-Shirts, hacked gadgets, pineapples, monkeys and more.

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  • Ryonni 6 years ago

    Well I must say Hak5 Please keep up the hardware hacks, the last few episodes with hardware hacks have been GREAT! Feels like Hak5 is back to roots, I love it. These are things that seem like you can only find from the minds of hak5. Keep up the good work.

  • Is there a reason why the Mac terminal wasn’t mentioned for the ssh tunnel segment? The ssh client built-in to Mac OS X has the same options as Linux, and is arguably better/more feature-filled than that pos GUI program Paul showed. For example, you can setup a quick VPN using the ssh -w option to setup a virtual tunX device. More info on the ssh VPN can be read here:
    Also, is this the hak house?:

  • Running firefox over ssh can be even more safe if you do remote dns lookups. Set network.proxy.socks_remote_dns in about:config

  • Thanks on the mac terminal and firefox dns tips. Will follow-up.

    Also, happy to do hardware hacks, just understand they can’t be every episode because unlike open source software, they aren’t free.

    That said, if there is a gadget you would like to see hacked on the show, please let us know.

  • Steve 6 years ago

    There is a free router emulator called vyatta at and they claim it emulates Cisco routers and they are faster.

  • Ryonni 6 years ago

    @Darren, I Totally understand that. Even if it means talking about other things about hardware. Have to say the HAM stuff was cool as it really mixed things up and there were a ton of positive comments. I always liked the fact Hak5 tried different avenues. It made the show Ultra-Interesting. The best is seeing stuff you never have seen or if you have seen it always wonder how it was done. Even with Matt and the VM stuff that is also great. I learned a ton from those segments.

  • @ Darren >> It’s Dutch not netherlandish LOL

    Hak 5 rocks


  • Regarding your mentioning of a Cisco router simulator. I am a retired networking profession that used Dynamips and Dynagen to simulate Cisco Routers in a complex corporate environment routing static, eigrp, and bgp. I found the tool extremely useful, however I recall reading some issues using Cisco IOS software on a platform other than a Cisco router. If you want the 411 on the tool or will like to discuss the tool and issues, please feel free to email me. I can provide you a phone number to call me and discuss the tool and the issues.

    I was able on a single cpu windows 2k laptop to simulate about 9 routers using bgp, static, and eigrp routing in a simulated MPLS configuration. Using existing router configs to load the routes and real Cisco IOS on simulated 7200 series routers. It works great and is the closest thing to a real Cisco routers. What I found was I was able to set up a lab on my computer using this software without the need of setting up a real hardware lab. My simulations behaved exactly like they did once we ported the configs to real Cisco routers in production.

  • Great episode again, thanks!

  • @Steve, Thanks! I’ll look into that one.

    @DennisD, Sure it is. But Netherlandish sounds more tongue-in-cheek ignorant American funny.

    @Russ, that sounds exactly like the tool one of my CCNA friends was showing me. I’ll drop you a line.

    @aex, thanks for watching. Tell you friends :)

  • In my Cisco class we use Packet Tracer, is that the software that Darren was thinking of?

  • I was excited about SSHTunnel for Mac until I discovered it does not support Public-Key Authentication. [Unless anyone can correct me if I’m wrong.] Sort of renders it useless, no? No one on an internet zine about hacking and security would dare use password-based authentication, right? I thought so.

  • @Russ, funny you mention that — it’s one of the topics of the next episode. I think I eluded to it in this one.

  • Carlo 6 years ago

    is there a way on making the ds homebrew in the DSi?

  • @Carlo,

    Yes. The R4 works with the DSi. You can pick one up for under $4 from

  • Oh very nice !

    NDS && RT4 power !

  • poopypants 6 years ago

    @darren, correction. The R4 does not work with the DSi. The R4i does.

  • @poopypants, I stand corrected.

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