While meeting up with family in Florida this week Darren takes on a WiFi Challenge using the airport friendly Pineapple Mark II and Airdrop-ng. Plus, Shannon has a follow-up to the Ultra Software including your picks.

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Airport WiFi Challenge – Jasager and Deauths

Once again my travels take me to a wonderful and target rich environment — the airport.

And while I typically don’t take on challenges, this one tickled my technolust. I was asked how many clients I could harness with a WiFi Pineapple during a typical hour long layover at the airport. I figured this was a great opportunity to test out Airdrop-ng.

Your Ultra Software Picks

In a follow-up from episode 703, Shannon counts down your Ultra software picks, including:

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  • PiousMinion 5 years ago

    Where in the world do we get airdrop-ng?

    Google just points me right back home to hak5. hehe

  • TheRocK 5 years ago

    Nice episode, but somehow the audio is kinda fucked in some segments, also the video is kinda laggy on the mp4.
    Other then that very interesting!

  • ShockWasp 5 years ago

    Hey Have there been any episodes on how to defend against a Jasager attack? I have looked on the site and was unable to find any. Also Who does the music for these episodes again? Great show today, hope to see more like it thanks.

    • soupman 5 years ago

      Episode 701 had a mention on this.
      A simple windows tool from irongeek called DecaffeinatID detects when a routers MAC Address changes and gives you a little popup warning.


      • ShockWasp 5 years ago

        I had seen that one, and all it does is protect you from a MITM attack on the network you are currently on, The Jasager works by taking the network probes you are sending out and matching them to look like your home wireless network, DecaffinatedID does not pick up on these changes, or at least thats my knowledge of it im going to try and pick up one to test it myself.

        • Well if you are in a WiFi “Target Zone” you could waste time and system resources trying to test for Jasager devices or you could simply turn off your auto-probes. So even if there is a Jasager in range it won’t even matter.

          If the probes aren’t being sent out then Jasager can’t say yes.

          • Jarcks 5 years ago

            How can i do this with an ipod touch?

        • soupman 5 years ago

          Oh now I see what you mean. Well I guess if you’re in a public place and your laptop connects to any random router automatically you should probably disconnect and assume its a Jasager, and then manually connect to a different network.

          Otherwise, SSH tunnel your traffic :)

    • Summerdriven 5 years ago

      The best way to defend against any over the air attack is to use tunnels > VPN or SSH > encrypting the connection is key – that way if they want to give you free internet with Jasager so be it.

  • TheRocK 5 years ago


    Can’t get airdrop-ng to work. It always asks for Pylorcon.
    I compiled lorcon, which I found through the README, but what else does it need for it to get to work properly?
    Card is in Monitor Mode (Alfa), Airodump-ng is running with the correct output, but all I get is this:

    “Pylorcon error, do you have it installed?”

    Any help?

    • If you have backtrack or ubuntu you should be able to get the airdrop source from svn

      svn co http://trac.aircrack-ng.org/svn/trunk/scripts/airdrop-ng/

      once you have it locally you can run the install

      python install.py (it should install lorcon and Pylorcon.

      • TheRocK 5 years ago

        It’s still not working somehow. I got it installed correctly, which I didn’t before. The problem now is it’s asking for the correct driver and says the network mon0 is down, and shortly after I start it it goes down for some reason.
        When I start it with the -d flag and the correct driver for my card (rtl8180), it still gives me the same error.
        Can’t write to network, mon0 is down.
        Any help?

  • What model is that alfa wireless card? I’ve been trying to find a place to buy one in the UK with no avail. Also, 61 clients, that is just epic.

  • Great show!

    Love your new background music style. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Leeroy 5 years ago

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate here and refer our U.S. citizens to some of the laws you may be liable to should you (1) send a de-auth flood that would otherwise disrupt network communications, and (2) force clients to unknowingly connect to a rogue AP:

    * Title 18 U.S.C ร‚ยง 2510
    * Title 18 U.S.C ร‚ยง 1030

    I’m no lawyer but you could potentially be held liable under these laws. These laws are obviously subject to interpretation. I’m just saying, you cooould be held liable. Sorry to have to be that guy.

    • How do you force a client to connect? It is willingly connecting to the rogue ap.

      • you’re doing this with the intent to get them to disconnect and reconnect. ignorance doesnt hold up in court…

  • soupman 5 years ago

    10/10 episode, short but great content! Gunna be at heathrow airport in a few days from now, the perfect time for me to drop my laptop on the coffee table D:

    Thanks for the great episode guys, keep up to good work :) oh and snubs, dancing at the end of your segment needs to be a regular thing ๐Ÿ˜›

    Peace :)

    PS. If i want to order a wifi pineapple from the hak5 store, can it be delivered to the uk?

  • Probably the best episode in a long long time.
    I really liked the airport thingy :-) This episode make me remember why I started to watch Hak5 (and The Broken before Kevin sold his soul to Apple ๐Ÿ˜‰ Darren… keep up the good work and more this kind of episodes.
    When there will be Hack Across Europe?

  • PixelatedDwarf 5 years ago

    What kind of wifi card was that in the episode? How are you getting access with an Iphone – I’ve tried but to know avail really would like to know the special sauce on that one.

    • clipse 5 years ago

      Its not an iphone. Its a Droid. He showed in and earlier episode how to root the droid for tethering. He used his droid to supply internet to the masses. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hac Kfive 5 years ago

    None of the Ultra software have the word ULTRA in them.

    Poor Snubs was pigeonholed in reviewing software based on titles including ULTRA.

  • Timmiee 5 years ago

    I had a miss-hap wiring up a battery pack to my Fon+ router, it got to much power and wont work now. the power light just flashes now, is there a way to fix this cause I cant find the fon+ anywere, not even ebay?

  • NoFlyList 5 years ago

    So tell me Darren, when you had the run in with TSA about your pineapple at the airport when you fly now does your airline tickets show the infamous: SSSS or *S* in the bottom right corner? If so, welcome to “The List”

  • Some guy 5 years ago

    more hacking videos at http://pinoysecurity.blogspot.com

  • weener 5 years ago

    wheres matt lestock?

  • Slasher 5 years ago

    Matt’s not doing Hak5 anymore.

  • is there any way to get an ogv-version (html5 ready) of this video-podcast?

  • I must repeat the question previously asked. What model is the Alfa adapter? Is it wireless N or G? (I believe the G is a Realtek and the other is a Ralink). Thanks.

  • Pardon the noobishness of this post as I am still very new to linux… but what is the best way to install airdrop-ng?

    I am using backtrack 4 final

    I assume copy over all the files/directories from http://trac.aircrack-ng.org/svn/trunk/scripts/airdrop-ng/ (I am using wget to copy each file one by one, I’m sure there is a more efficient way to do this?)
    Install lorcon per the README directions

    Then I assume run the install.py script?

    Does this sound right or am I way off?

  • ahhh..here is what I was looking for. Install directions for itards :)


  • Segfirre 5 years ago

    Where can I get this awesome soundtrack?

    Great episode btw!