This time on the show Shannon has a tool that’ll make that spring cleaning Windows reinstall a breeze in the Snubs Report. Then Mubix is unboxing the Nano Note, a pocket sized OpenWRT based bundle of Linux Lovin’. And finally Darren has the scoop on a new open source pen testing tool, the USB Rubber Ducky! Tune in and find out about special dev kits.

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The iPads, Muvi Micro, and other random tech

Darren and Paul are talking gadgets. Our recent toys include the iPad and Muvi Micro by Veho-UK.

Snubs Report: Double Driver

When it comes to rebuilding a Windows box there’s nothing more annoying than rummaging through the CD stack only to realize you’ve lost a driver disc. Especially when it’s Ethernet drivers you need.

Our solution? Double Driver.

This portable freeware Windows tool analyzes your system, listing installed drivers, and making it super easy to back them up. With just a few clicks you can back up your drivers into individual folders. It’ll even pop ’em in a zip file with a copy of Double Driver, ready to restore after your next format.

So feel free to lose the driver disc & give up on hunting through support sites with Double Driver.

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USB Rubber Ducky

What looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and infilrtates your computer system in ten seconds flat? The USB Rubber Ducky of course. And if you’re surprised by the housing you haven’t been watching Hak5 long enough.

This Teensy powered penetration tool takes physical security to the next level.

With the promise of replacing the USB Switchblade as our favorite plug-n-pwn device we’re eager to see how far we can take this.

If you’re interested in developing with this tiny programmable Human Interface Device follow the link in the video to sign up for a dev-kit.

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Nano Note Unboxing

You asked for it! Shannon and Darren panned it, but Rob Fuller, aka Mubix from Room362 has it! It’s the Nano Note and we’re unboxing this 336 MHz MIPS handheld Linux box.

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  • Gater Byte 5 years ago

    The SwitchBlade Lives!
    I’ve been looking for a new working Ver. for close to 2 years that would work on vista and win 7.
    Thanks for the Sparking of the next Gen Pen-Test tool!

  • D-bone 5 years ago

    I heard Roswell, NM
    You stopping in at Ryan’s pad while your there?

  • Not sure where I’m sleeping in Roswell, NM. I didn’t see anyone registered from there but I’ll check again. Will camp or hotel it otherwise.

    • Hey Darren if you feel adventurous and want o visit (Cd. Juarez – Mexico) I know not the best city right now (besides all the big troubles we have with the Organize crime wars in the country and most of them in my city there are lots of god loving, hard working people down here) – well any ways if you ever visit this part of the world you are welcome to stay with us.

  • Hrhr – now i know why i deactivated USB in BIOS for user-pcs 😉

  • Russ DiBenedetto 5 years ago

    Snubs – I loved your segment on double driver and think it is a useful tool. I have an old w2k machine that is getting flaky and want to re-image. I noticed that double driver doesn’t support anything below XP. I downloaded version 4.0 and it crashed with a kernal32 error. I also downloaded version 1.2 and although it ran, it crashed half way thought. Is there any version that will work with W2k or any other similar freeware app that does the same?


  • Nikita 5 years ago

    I’m a student in the UK, currently learning ruby, and would really love to try out programming for the ducky, would you send me one?

  • Nice Rubber Duck, but bruteforcing Linux-Logins probable won’t work, here are some quotes from “man login”:

    The login utility logs users (and pseudo-users) into the computer system.[…]

    FAIL_DELAY (number)
    Delay in seconds before being allowed another attempt after a login failure.

    FAIL_DELAY is set to 3sec. by default (at least in archlinux), so you can try max. 0.3~ passwords per seconds.

  • Jason Conley 5 years ago

    Great episode. Love the duck – lots of hackery to be had. Parents need their computer rebuilt this weekend and double driver will make life soooo much easier. Not crazy about the Nano but Mubix will probably find something amazing to do with it.

    Thanks guys!

  • Good episode! Thinking of countermeasures for a USB ducky, what about some software that flashes up a random Captcha prompt when a new USB keyboard device is attached, before the keyboard is allowed to enter anything? (other than let you type into the Captcha box of course). Doubt this is easy to implement, but just an idea.

  • James 5 years ago

    Bucko, I like your idea. That was thinking quite well. 😀 I just had to give props.

  • Psycho.Mario 5 years ago

    I liked the look of that mini camera you have in the beginning Darren, what is the model and where can I get one?


  • Psycho.Mario 5 years ago

    Ah; found the link, didnt read the show notes properly

  • Jonathan 5 years ago

    Hey have you thought about a Go Pro camera for the hack across America ride? Just a thought.

  • hahaaha that is classic!!

  • Psycho DAD 5 years ago


    sorry for being loud!

  • Psycho DAD 5 years ago

    very clever idea i must say…. payload on the fly!!


  • Elliot 5 years ago

    Rubber Ducky :D:D(cumcumcum)

  • batcheej 5 years ago

    Rubber Ducky you’re the one you make hacking so much fun. Seriously though there are quite a few countermeasures that can be employed against it that are not hard to employ.

  • There are a bunch of cheap 7″ touch screen Chinese ARM based PDA’s on ebay, which triple boot Android, Ubuntu and Windows CE. They feature two normal USB ports. The batteries are shit and the build quality is lacking in a lot of ways but at least you are getting something more functional for under $120.

  • soupman 5 years ago

    Damn wish I was around when you were giving out the ducky dev kits :/

    Great episode as always :)

  • great ep hak5. woulda liked to have a ducky kit!

  • The screen is clean and uncomplicated, and allows you to
    play with the quantities with just a couple of mouse clicks.