Week 1 of the Hack Across America series begins with a look at a bare metal disaster recovery plan. Darren talks Hard Disk cloning the free and open source way, while Shannon investigates a number of tools for offline Google Maps usage.

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The latest from the road

Not much to report on the Hack Across America trip so far. By day 2 the only minor emergency has been a broken GPS. But to answer the question we keep getting: No, Hak5 isn’t going away. Don’t be silly. And trust your technolust, fools.


Based on Hak5’s 26 week-per-season calendar, when will the third, fourth and fifth binary episodes occur?

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Snubs Report: Offline Google Maps

With Darren beginning his Hack Across America this week I figured it would be apt to point out a few tools that every geek may come to rely on at one point in time or another — offline use of Google Maps

In this Snubs Report I review the following paid, free and open source apps for offline Google Maps usage:

  • Google Maps Downloader
  • Offline Maps
  • Google Maps Saver
  • Google Map Buddy
  • Gmap Catcher
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    Hard Disk Cloning the free and open source way

    While I love using online “cloud” backup, fast reliable Internet access is difficult to come by on this trip. And losing data would be catastrophic. While I overnight myself a replacement laptop, the data is what is of true value

    And what’s more, I don’t have time to sit around installing windows, a dozen programs and my data. So thats why on this trip I’m using disk cloning as my backup and recovery strategy.

    This basically allows me to make a bit for bit copy of my laptop hard drive to a near identical external disk. If anything should fail it’s merely a matter of swapzies and I’m good to go.

    In this segment I discuss disk cloning uses, commercial applications, DD, and free and open source distributions that make this bare metal backup a breeze.

    I also demonstrate my favorite tool, Easus Disk Copy

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