The Hack Across America series continues in week 3 with a phenomenal episode featuring an exclusive interview with Pronobozo. Then mubix joins us for Metasploit 101 part 2, pwning a domain controller via SQL injection an token passing on a fully patched enterprise network. Plus Shannon has a tool that will save tons of time on your next PC build in this week’s Snubs Report. Get comfortable, you won’t wanna miss this.

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Exclusive Pronobozo Interview

We’re excited to be the first to publish a video interview with the infamous Pronobozo


Originally running on the PDP-11 and incorporating elements from BSD, this closed source version of Unix was licensed to manufacturers by Microsoft, *yes, Microsoft* in 1980.

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Metasploit 101 part 2

This week Rob Fuller, aka Mubix brings us a follow-up to his Metasploit 101 series where he guides you through the process of pwning the domain administrator on a fully patched enterprise network.

Click It Or Ticket

Guys, it’s a fact, men are less likely than women to buckle up. In 2008, 66 percent of male drivers and 74 percent of male passengers 18 to 34 killed in passenger vehicles were NOT wearing their seat belts. Don’t become a statistic…wear a freaking seatbelt.

ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT! Two thirds of people who die in accidents at night are not buckled up. You may be a safe driver but you do not know who is out there….it’s not cool to not wear it.

The police will be out in force over Memorial weekend. Hundreds of State and local law enforcement and highway safety officials across the Nation will participate in Click It or Ticket 2010 from May 24 to June 6. They will be looking for you, day and night, and making sure that everyone is buckled up.

Snubs Report: Ninite

We’ve all been there. After building a Windows box and installing drivers it’s the ritual of downloading the latest versions of all your essential software and clicking next, next, I agree, finish for about an hour. Not anymore, Ninite will do it all in two clicks.

Ninite is a software download and installation automation tool that supports a plethora of popular software. Simply browse to, select which packages you want like Chrome, Skype, uTorrent, Teracopy, etc, and click Get Installer. Moments later you’ll be downloading a customer installation script that will automate the entire process. Double-click and it will automatically download the latest versions in 32 or 64 bit and install them to your machine without stopping for a single prompt.

It’s fast, simple, free and saves a bundle of time so we love it. While the Linux crowd has been enjoying yum and apt, it’s about time something came along for the Windows side.

There is a paid pro version that comes with a $20/mo subscription fee and includes advanced features like offline installers, caching and silent installation. We think it could be handy for IT pros handling large networks, however it’s not going to compete with pushing packages via group policies.

What do you think? Drop me a line at

GoToAssist Express

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  • “This time on the show, Jenn Cutter joins us for a bit of DS XLi hacking…”

    Uh… that never happened.

  • Sorry I had meant to edit the cold open. I must have missed that in the rush. Anyway, the segment was bumped for time but will air next week on episode 715. Sorry!

  • Mr-Protocol 5 years ago

    What two lines of code in sqlninja were changed to make it use https?

  • Eageleye 5 years ago

    Ninite is an awesome software! I used to use it at work all the time until I got an error saying that I had been using the downloader to much and that I had to purchase the pro version inorder to continue to use it. I think that I and another admin used Ninite about 10 to 20 times in total on the college LAN that I work at. Once we reached a certain amount of uses we were still able to create the downloader, but once you try to actually use the downloader to get the programs you are greeted with a message telling you that you used their software to many times and that you have to pay for it now in order to use the Ninite software.
    So just as a warning to all users of Ninite:
    Beware of multiple uses on your network! They do track when you use the program.

  • Good to know, thanks eageleye!

  • for guys that obviously know some stuff it surprises me that you use such terrible video streaming – maybe one day you’ll imporve it (seek that works would be nice for a start as woudl low quality)
    i need my fix of snubbs….

  • GodsMalak 4 years ago

    I don’t know how I lived without Teracopy before!!! It’s amazing! Thanks so much for showing me Snubs!

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