The Hack Across America series continues in week 5 with Eighty of DualCore and PDF Exploits and malware analysis. Darren and Shannon take your questions at the Hak5 Springfield MO Meetup, and the perfect screenshot utility in this week’s Snubs Report.

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Secure Password Crafting

While at the Hak5 meetup in Springfield Missouri Darren and Shannon answer your questions including one about crafting secure unique passwords. We share a few tips we use to create strong passwords and pass phrases.


Released by Adobe Systems in 1993, this file format became an I.S.O. open standard in July of 2008.

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PDF Exploits and Malware Analysis

This week we have the pleasure of sitting down with Eighty of DualCore to talk about PDF exploits and malware analysis.


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Snubs Report: Fast Stone Capture

FastStone Capture is useful if you need to collaborate on a website development project with a small team, and you need to share images of the site with annotations and arrows, you’re making your own website and need to find the exact amount of pixels width for a video, or maybe you’re just watching your favorite podcast and want to point out something in the video to your friend.

With this portable app you have the ability to set hotkeys, choose what image you want to capture, be it windows, objects, full screen, freehand regions, and much more. You can specify an output destination, draw annotations, arrows, and watermarks, and you can even send the image directly to email, FTP servers, work or powerpoint documents, or just make it autosave. FastStone Capture can record video and sound, and let you find an exact color with the color picker, or find correct pixels with the ruler.

A few guidelines to what you can do:
You can do a full screen capture by hitting print screen, an active window by pressing shift print screen, a selected window or object by hitting alt print screen. You can also draw a rectangle by hitting CTRL print screen, or draw around something by hitting shift CTRL print screen. It can also capture a scrolling window into an image by clicking CTRL alt print screen.
I chose to output to the editor, but you can also output to the clipboard, to a file, auto save, print, or email. If you want to autosave, it’ll promt you to choose or create an output folder.
There is also a color picker for easily finding the HEX code for a certain color. Choose the color picker and the color, click on it and Fast Stone Capture shows yoiu the color info.
The ruler is handy to show exactly how many pixels an image is, but it’s only available in the shareware version. Choose the ruler icon, drag the ruler to the image you want to measure, and mouse over from left to right, or up and down. You can also choose a select area of the ruler, say half the image, and find out how many pixels that is.
Also available in the shareware version is publishing to FTP. Simply choose your ftp server, type in your password, and now you can link people directly to your website to see the image.
Last but not least, after you open an image in the editor, you can add a caption like “Hak5 pwns!”, and you can also draw on the image itself, kind of like in regular paint. You can add an arrow, then add some text. Of course, all the drawings are customizable. I could change the font and color if I wanted to.
The portable version is free, and the shareware version is $20 for a lifetime license.

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  • hey you guys,

    awesome show as usual. when i heard about the Hak Across Europe trip i started thinking. you could probably stay at my house (my parents’, since i’m 15). I live close to amsterdam so that would be a good pittstop

  • Jason Biggar 4 years ago

    In Acrobat Reader preferences you can disable/enable Acrobat JavaScript. Would this help to prevent the java script that Eighty talked about from executing

  • I just started laughing when I saw the title.

  • Great show, learned something new

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  • Well, if there’s a Hack Across Europe within the next year, I’ve got a couch, and a cat…. So far as flights, I don’t recommend starting in Germany, most businesses in the country shut down after 7PM.

  • This this site/product was worth mentioning in relation to this:

    It allows people to draw together on-line – no software, or even sign-up, required to do this.