This week Shannon has a great Snubs Report on setting up a Virtual Private Network using your Google account, and Darren shares some lessons learned in Linux wireless chipset compatibility and motherboard selection in a segment that can only be dubbed “How I walked in for a USB dongle and left with an i7 rig”

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Linux wireless chipset compatibility, or, how I ended up with an i7

Darren shares some lessons learned in Linux wireless chipset compatibility, motherboard selection and why following up on forum threads is important.

Next week we’ll continue with water cooling and home built wireless access points

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Setting up a simple Virtual Private Network using Google

Gbridge is a free software-only solution available for all versions of Windows and uses your Google Account for authentication. It is an extension of Google’s gtalk service and lets you remotely control PCs, sync folders, share files, and chat securely and easily. You can share your desktop with your designated friend from anywhere in the world and automatically traverses firewalls and NATting routers without the need for configuration! Gbridge allows you to securely share and access files and let friends view photos instantly remotely with no download needed. Transfer and sync large files and folders to and from anywhere with no size restrictions, then use AutoSync to auto-schedule, auto-resume, and do incremental transfers as well as set up and auto-backup of your important folder to a local or remote PC.

I connected to a box on our Hak5 Cloud Lab with GoToAssist Express to show you how to easily connect Gbridge and start sharing files.

Click on the download link to go to the download page on
Start the download and click yes a couple of times.
A popup will say it needs to install the VPN driver so click ok, then wait for the install to finish. Click allow if Windows tells you any warnings about downloading and installing.
Click finished once it’s done installing.
Start Gbridge and it’ll ask you for your gmail info.

You can also create a new gmail account or google apps account if you dont want to use your regular one.
The first thing I see is my friends list. It automatically includes my chat friends, none of which are online right now.

If you have OpenDNS or some other DNS resolving service, it may keep Gbridge from functioning properly, so you will either need to configure your service with a VPN exception rule for or just raise the Gbridge virtual adapters binding order. (which can be changed back anytime you want.)
Now at the top, you can log off, Invite friends by typing their email or add friends from your list of contacts. You can also create new shares:
To do so, click on the volume you wish to share, then add any friends you want to share this folder with. I’m going to add Darren, then password the volume.
Darren is currently on my list of friends but not included in my list of friends that I share with, so I’m going to allow him, and there we go! My SecureShare is now created.
I can go into the SecureShares tab to make changes to my shared folders, and on my friends list, I can make changes to friends or chat with them.
To backup your folder onto the main machine or another machine, click the Add EasyBackup icon, choose the SecureShare, choose which machine to put the backup on, and let the backup begin.
To use desktop share, click on the icon, choose Configure, and change settings.
All in all, Gbridge is lightweight, easy, and free. All good in my book!

It won’t replace a proper PPTP or IPsec VPN but it will be up and running in minutes giving you the majority of what you need.
Email me what you think at
Thanks to Go To Assist Express for this weeks Snubs Report.

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  • Brian 4 years ago

    I feel the pain of setting up a wireless AP on Untangle. I bought a Dlink DWA-556 (Atheros AR5418) and I have been basically going non stop for days trying to get it to work. I have been trying madwifi and hostapd. I even tried replacing the madwifi driver with NL80211 driver. With the madwifi driver I can get the AP to start and all my devices see the AP, which has good range, but once I actually connect the driver goes into the gutter and I get the dreaded “stuck beacon” error every second. I am also in the process of finding a good USB or PCI/PCI-E solution. Hopefully, I will have time this week to find one and implement it. I do love Untangle!

    • Brian 4 years ago

      Thanks for the info. I am going to keep banging my head for a little longer with this card. Afterwards, if I still cannot get it working I will look at that PCI card.

      Thanks, Brian

  • RollPunga 4 years ago

    No problem, I use several of those cards and the work “out of the box”
    I have one on a untangle machine. They are really inexpensive and get great reviews from the linux folks out there.

  • Andrew 4 years ago

    Will Snubs and Paul join Darren in SF? I really enjoy Darren’s segments as always, as well as the Snubs reports. But the show feels like it is lacking something by not having them together. Even though Paul was always behind the scenes, his love always shown through the lenses!

    Hope to see you guys all come together.

    Keep up the great show!

    Sorry if there are duplicates.

  • daehlie 4 years ago

    very nice segment on the vpn tool. I was initially not interested as I already use openvpn to gain remote access to my home network, but the last bits about sharing access credentials using someones google account. Its a cleaver way to solve the proverbial “last mile problem” for encrypted communication tokens.

  • Dennis 4 years ago

    I am loving Darren’s lab, I wish I had the room in my house to make a nice geeky lab where I could spend hours honing my skills. I love the show! Keep up the great work.

  • Check out this mini-pci type IIIA card that may solve your Master Mode issues. This card is built for high powered wireless access points and includes support for 802.11n 3xMIMO and has more importantly has Linux support. Hope this helps with the search.


  • Just to let you know if you use google VPN trick you must have it set to Home or Work, Public will not let the program work you must set it as Home or Work network connection when it asks you, I found this to be a problem on windows 7 as I only have Windows 7 and Android x86 installed in a VBox I not able to test on XP or Vista but I was able to fix it by changing my connection from public to Work under the firewall.

    Also loved the Home PC Router Segment.

    • I have found that Hamachi, from, works really well for me. I have a couple of shares at home plus I run a VM server at home as well, so when I am on the go or at work this software really works well for me.

  • I know that there are men who are not yet satisfied of what they have and thanks to technology today because they can be satisfied now.

  • Not all men are created equal but those who are born with less can manage to make it better by having ..

  • How does vimax really work?

  • Konstantin 4 years ago

    I have had the problem with memory on an ASUS board.

    There is a motherboard bios setting for memory, but I can’t remember what it is. And if you have to flip that setting, you will probably have problems int he future anyway.

  • Shannon…..will you marry me!!!!

    Regards, UAE – Dubai

  • Lefevre 4 years ago


    This my first visit on your site.
    I’m fallen in love with the “speakrine” (i’m french).
    Who can i marry her ?

    Please, be my wife !!!
    You’re so beautiffull.