Rounding out season 7 Darren and Shannon meetup to take on iOS 4 jailbreaking, followed by a roundabout way to stream media anywhere online using some open source python scripts. Toss in a little VirtualBox PHP front-ends and Untangle tweaks for good measure. Then Shannon has just the tools to detect network throttling. All that and more on this episode of Hak5!

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Jailbreaking iOS4 and more

Darren is finally joined “in studio” by Shannon to end the seventh season on in San Francisco.

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PHP VirtualBox

What could possibly make the Hak5 wall-mounted virtual server better? A polished PHP front-end. And PHP VirtualBox delivers. It’s simply a matter of installing VirtualBox, and starting the vboxwebsrv (typically located in /usr/bin). Then install Apache and PHP (or your favorite LAMP stack) and toss phpvbox in your wwwroot. Edit the config.php and you’re all set!

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Tweaking Untangle and Python streaming scripts

Darren tweaks the Hak5 homebrew router with a little dynamic DNS and port forwarding, then goes on to install and configure EDNA — a simple and effective Python based media streaming server that rocks my world.

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Bandwidth Testing

You’re doing some major catching up on podcasts and downloading all the lastest episodes on your high speed connection when all of a sudden… It seems like the speed goes to a stand-still. What’s going on? Your 1 hour video podcast is going to take a day to download? Not cool! When this happens to me my first thought is… Bandwidth throttling by my ISP. And nothing ticks me off more than the ‘man’ taking advantage of that power. Can we figure out if this is happening? Possibly!

Google has a tool called MLab that measures your internet’s performance. Through this website, you can use different tests to monitor your performance… Or… your computer’s performance. Dirty. These can range from a regular speedtest with very detailed information, to a BitTorrent specific test. The other method is the Switzerland method by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Switzerland detects any modified packets traveling over your internets, which sometimes can mean your ISP is throttling or blocking your downloads.

Go to Measurement Lab and click on test your internet connection. Choose the first one: the network diagnostic tool, and click on Start. This test will look for your internet connection speed and anything slowing it down. The test takes about 20 seconds. Once finished, click on Statistics to see a detailed guide of your network traffic and how it may be limited. Next, run the Glasnost test. This test will look for traffic shaping when you are using such things as flash video or BitTorrent. This test takes about 8 minutes to finish, and make sure any downloads you have going are paused. When this test is finished, it’ll tell you if it detects any kind of traffic shaping happening when using the selected program. The NPAD test will find and diagnose any problems in your end machine that have to do with network performance. Run this one and it will send and receive data, then show you any problems in red. Pathload2 is a bandwidth test that will find out what your available bandwidth is. For this test, you must download the EXE and run the test. The last test through mlabs is ShaperProbe- a traffic shaping test. It’ll tell you if your isp is traffic shaping when you upload, download, or both, and the max burst size before shaping begins. You also have to download the EXE for this test as well, click start, and wait for the test to finish. Next is the Switzerland test. Download the .tgz or .zip over at Sourceforge. Extract the files from the folder and read the INSTALL.txt for information on how to install it on your specific platform.

Well, according to these tests, I’m not being throttled… I just have a really bad internet connection out here in Missouri!

Email me what you think at

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  • Darren she look soo real!!!!! “nice texture shader and ray tracing!!”

    how many hours did it take you to ray trace her? i am sure i can do too!!! “480gtx 4 way sli”

    we know you fooled us with good work!!

    proof!! the end of the show she was still at “miserable Missouri” !!!


  • So excited to get all this done to my house. Awesome segment, will combine the previous segments together. AWESOME.

  • Brian 4 years ago

    I use Media Tomb for streaming both audio *and* video. Why stop at just music? Watch movies from your collection, if your phone or device supports the format. Much more likely to be supported on an Android phone than on an iPhone.

  • wow, phpvirtualbox :O
    nice to know :P, night give it a try :D.
    thanks guys for another vid, can’t wait for the next one :)

  • Malcolm 4 years ago

    just updating on my other post (not sure if it went through lol).
    i gave phpvirtualbox a go and wow, it is pretty cool!
    not sure what i’d use it for… but i guess, if we can do… why not :D?

  • Hey darren, why not just use jinzora if you are already going to run apache and php?

    Plus it has a polished ui for you android, iphone, bb, ps3, xbox etc…

    Great show BTW

  • Steve 4 years ago

    I know this is a personal preference, I set up a static lease in my firewall which only requires the MAC of the device being set up. This way I don’t have to worry about manually configuring an IP address and other info required for Internet access. This also fixes the problem of having your servers grab a different address when rebooting.

  • Nemesis 4 years ago

    What laptop is using Shannon?

  • hazy77 4 years ago

    Darren, can you review distros like vyatta or zeroshell?

  • cooperdude 4 years ago

    I’ve used edna in the past, but what I’d totally recommend over edna is subsonic ( It streams, as well as transcodes your music files (for example wave to a 128k mp3) There are also apps for both the iPhone and Android and its a much cleaner way to go. Plus you can get all the cover art! Show this off on your next episode, you will not be disappointed!

  • maxsy 4 years ago

    Good episode, virtualbox server part was very nice, want to see more like that.

  • I tried the php vbox thing and didn’t work for me I wen’t to the web site and downloaded that apache loves program an tried every thing but it didn’t work and tried to download the php and apache sepretly but when I try to install the php it asks me wich web server to set up I choose the apache 2.2.x that I already instaled it tells me that it can’t acces the [httpd.conf] can any bodey help me

  • birdie 4 years ago

    I’d just like to say, that it was I who suggested the PHP Virtualbox interface to Darren for a segment… 😛 though I saw it on Lifehacker, and heard it discussed on the VirtualBox episode of FLOSS Weekly…

    Great show… Looking forward to a more planned, settled season 8…

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    can be confident that whenever I snap a photo, it’s quickly backed up to the cloud.