Darren checks out Ampache, a powerful open source streaming media solution perfect for your Linux home server. Jason answers your Boxee questions and Shannon joins the round table for a discussion on jailbreaking and USB wireless adapters for virtual machines.

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Ampache – for the love of music
Darren walks you though setting up Ampache on Ubuntu and is pleased with the results.

Jason answers your Boxee questions
Jason answers some of the questions he has received regarding his homebrew boxee box and software development. – Freeze Pop Diet Hijacking!
Our friend Evil Server hijacks Darren’s domain, and, well, you’ll see…

GoToMeeting Roundtable – USB Wireless Virtual Machines
Darren is joined by Shannon and Jason to discuss iPhone jailbreaking and USB Wireless adapters for virtual machines

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  • ZesteR 5 years ago

    Great episode! You’re work on Virtual Machines is awesome and love seeing the many uses of having a VM server at home!

    The WMV Download cuts out too early. Ends in the middle of the Go To Meeting segment.

    Had to watch the stream to finish the episode.

    Keep up the great work!

    <3 Evil Server
    -he's so hot

  • M41NFR4M3 aka CylonCannibal 5 years ago

    Hey Darren Loved the show!
    Just a question is EvilServer Dead?! or did he manage to spring a leak in his water cooling and survive? let us know…..

  • Fire… funny… must have felt kinda good.

  • Mitchel 5 years ago

    I keep seeing Darrin mention his Alpha USB wireless adapter that has an atheros chipset in it. I’ve tried to find this and all of the Alpha USB adapters I’ve seen have the ralink chipset. Where can I find the one that Darrin keeps showing?

  • loving the new shows in SFO!! Jason is a great addition to Hak5. please keeping do more Boxee segments.

  • ExEptiOn 5 years ago

    Why use Ampache or Edna when you got goody things like Spotify

  • Djhg2000 5 years ago

    Amazing how the Evil Server seemed to be running the whole time, the ethernet busy light flashed twice as well. Probably trying to tweet “Fire! Hot! Bad! Halp!”…

  • LuiLui1978 5 years ago

    lol…. Poor Evil Server on fire… lol… loved it… :-)

  • Playgame38 5 years ago

    Works great on 10.04! However did the same tutorial on a new machine running Ubuntu 10.10 and it didn’t work. I couldn’t even get to “localhost/ampache” just game me an error, “The requested URL /ampache was not found on this server.”

    • sudo ln -s /etc/ampache/ampache.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/
      sudo service apache2 restart

    • I had this problem too… to fix it just run these 2 commands

      sudo ln -s /etc/ampache/ampache.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/
      sudo service apache2 restart

      this should tell apache where to find the files necessary for /ampache

  • cypher 5 years ago

    i keep getting errors like this
    /home/music/Music/08 Party Poison.m4a is not readable by ampache
    when i add to the catalog any ideas on how to fix this??? im running ampache on ubuntu 10.10 fyi. i am doing it on a vm but plan to use it on a real box assoon as i get it up an running.

  • Cupcake 5 years ago

    In this episode you mentioned putting the wireless devices in your show notes, where do I find the show notes with the device manufacturers and models?