Darren checks out screen recording solutions for Linux while Jason improves his Boxee app with a little Python and Shannon is all about combining instant messaging, file sharing and remote access with Qnext.

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Episodes, Season 8

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  • Uhmmm… yeah, okay, well Darren *really* ought to lay off the Red Bull; not only is it VERY bad for you, but it makes him even more irritating than usual. Great show, but he needs to act his age, seriously.

  • Great show
    i was thinking if darren did every show like that your podcast would only be 15min long
    lay off the crack darren lol

  • Jason Ellingson 5 years ago

    09 F9 (Blu-ray key) Easter Egg was nice. Next one needs to be “Don’t forget to drink your Ovaltine!”

  • hakepuck 5 years ago

    Here is a script (which utilizes xwininfo to grab the windowsize and x and y coordinates) and starts an ffmpeg record once a window is clicked (with audio – pulseaudio). I’m still messing with bitrates and such to see what works best, but this should get people started.

    width=`echo $winInfo |awk -F”Width: ” {‘print $2’} |awk {‘print $1’}`
    height=`echo $winInfo |awk -F”Height: ” {‘print $2’} |awk {‘print $1’}`
    x=`echo $winInfo |awk -F”Absolute upper-left X: ” {‘print $2’} |awk {‘print $1’}`
    y=`echo $winInfo |awk -F”Absolute upper-left Y: ” {‘print $2’} |awk {‘print $1’}`
    ffmpeg -f alsa -i pulse -f x11grab -b 16000 -s ${width}x${height} -r 24 -i :0+${x},${y} -acodec libmp3lame out.avi

  • Denise 5 years ago

    Really dude, what are you on?

  • zen_buddah 5 years ago

    excellent episode… i’ve learn’t several things here ….
    especially the ‘alias’ im going to use this in my wep ”monitoring”
    the other thing ive learnt…. sniffing red bull and an ipad has awesome side effects…. i gotta try that !!! ;D

  • hyp0xia 5 years ago

    Give him a break guys, he’s just doing his take on adding a bit of life and enthusiasm to the show. Come on, tech talk is good stuff to watch and listen to but it can easily become drawn out and bland no matter the topic at hand.

    Props for being different Darren, and yourself (if that’s your personality IRL).

    Cheers from Toronto, Ontario.