This time on Hak5 Jason is writing an Android app to interface with our PHP/Apache/Arduino controlled garage door opener. We check out the latest Magic Lantern firmware for the Canon 550D, Shannon joins us to show off Katana — the happy hackers boot key — and answers to your emails.

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  • Mitch 5 years ago

    Katana is phenomenal!!!! I submitted the tutorial for adding DBAN. Its a very modular setup so adding your favorite bootable distribution is really simple. Version 2.0 is out soon.

  • Gater_Byte 5 years ago

    Katana is Sweet 1337 sauce, think i posted about it a few episodes after 524.
    At Defcon there was a talk about the new ver.
    Katana 2.0
    it was released exclusively to people who donated to Johnny Long with

    Great Show!


  • VoodooTorture 5 years ago

    Did anyone catch Darren’s reference to “another hint to the darknet” at the very last second of the show. My guess is Darren has created a darknet and if you can figure out the hints you can log onto it.

    He flashes up the hex code: EEF5204D6A which in decimal is 1026314751338. Has anyone noticed any other hints in this episode or previous ones?

  • Denise 5 years ago

    Yes there is and it is a fast subliminal flash when he wispers it I believe at around: 1:26

  • Scuba Steve 5 years ago

    Anyone able to get katana’s scripts to run properly?
    On Windows 7, it borked my boot manager (when it said to press x to cancel, I hit the keyboard instead of the close app button and that launched it :-S)
    And I get script errors when I try to run the script in Ubuntu.

  • Great show! I am most pleased with the open source firmware. Also setting up a Katana stick.. Thanks Keep up the great shows.

  • i love this video!! im so gonna try the mod for the garage door

  • IceBerg 5 years ago

    That hex is 238 245 32 77 106 it’s one to long for ipv4 and one to short for a MAC. It has no ascii representation and does nothing.

  • Version 2.0 of Katana has just been posted. The addition of Forge allows for an ever easier way add more distributions. It also has several new portable Windows applications (like Metasploit, NMAP, Caine & Able, John The Ripper, and Cygwin). It can be downloaded at

  • .ronin 5 years ago

    The new version of Katana (version 2.0) was just released on Halloween, Katana 2.0 has added several portable Windows applications like Metasploit, NMAP, and Cain & Able. It also has a new tool called Forge for an easy way to add additional distros (like Samurai and Pentoo) to Katana.

  • Hi, great episode! Is there a place to find the sourcecode for the Android Garagedoor app? Thnx, cheers, Rogier (from The Netherlands)

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