This time on the show, Mubix joins us to add persistance to our penetration testing with a little Metasploit, Microsoft, and IP version 6

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As Mubix, aka Rob Fuller explains: Bind shells went to the wayside with the dawn of firewalls and NAT, but IPv6 was nice enough to bring them back. With the help of some built in tools from good old Redmond and our trusty Meterpreter, we can now connect to our shell any time we please. Based on his Revenge of the Bind Shell presentation we dive into the tools and techniques required to traverse firewalls and maintain persistence.

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  • Awesome episode. It was nice to see some practicalities of setting up Teredo and conecting into the public(!!!) IP address via MSF.

    Would love to see more IPv6 goodness in the future. I’m sure I will.

  • JBu92 4 years ago

    What movie were they talking about?

  • Kesht 4 years ago

    Nicely done, very enjoyable episode always good having Mubix involved and glad to see Darren a bit more functional this show :-)

    Time to go play with ip6 and see what I’ve been ignoring!

  • pixelateddwarf 4 years ago

    Love the hacks that Mubix has presented. Any way that you can give a txt version? Hard to see a lot of things that are going on on the screen even at full screen. Keep up the great work!

  • ChadE76 4 years ago

    Looking for the full text of the episode as well or the full instruction in a doc. it looks like there where some things skipped.. So A full instructional doc would be very helpful. Ps I need collard shirts for work.

  • Hi, great video, can u guys provide the notes in details…very hard to see the typing….if possible to provide the txt of video would be grt along with the batch script which he uses in metaexploit.
    I am a computer science student would be grt if could get

  • lasermole 4 years ago

    I agree with pixelateddwarf, a txt version of these shows key points at least would be awesome. Thanks for keep us up to date on all the latest hacks guys! You rock!

  • Chhay 4 years ago

    I watched this twice in a row. Loved the content.

    This I why I watch Hak5. Best episode evar.

  • Rhythm 4 years ago

    What was the multiplatform java exploit mubix used to get a shell?

  • Now that you have shown that this is available what options do we have to secure against this type of attack?

  • Gyrth 4 years ago


    Great episode!
    But what was the movie the talked about in the end? The one that didn’t came out. I really would like to download and watch that one.


  • Crucifier 4 years ago

    Hey there, i really love what you guys do and believe me i have learnt a lot. i was wondering if you guys could help me out.
    meterpreter is all fine, but when i try to run metsvc.rb, the script uploads 3 files to the victim’s machine. metsrv.dll, one of the files uploaded, gets detected by an antivirus.
    I know i can work around Persistence, but i want to get metsvc working. If you guys can just tell me how to encode a Dll(using msfencode), if it is possible to encode, it will really help me a lot.

    Note: i have used msfencode to encode executables, bt never a dll.

  • kevin 4 years ago

    the picture of the week was a hd2 from tmobile.. booting android

  • Vedexent 4 years ago

    Fairly new to discovering the goodness that is Hak5 – but I’m loving it, especially the more technically in depth episodes like this one.

    Can you make any suggestions for podcast/vodcasts which concentrate more in this vein? I realize that Hak5 is going for a more general/user-accessible demographic – so I’m not asking for Hak5 to change, but I’d like to supplement my Hak5 diet with a little more “roughage” :)

    Any suggestions?

    Keep up the excellent work!