In this episode Darren sits down with Joe Klein at Toorcon San Diego 2010 to talk IPv6, good and evil. Its more than just a big address space. We discuss the demise of IPv4, the differences between IPv6 and IPv6, Neighbor discovery, self-forming networks, global multicasting, address discovery and more.

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Links generously provided by Joe Klein

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  • Great guy!!!!

  • bigw0rm 5 years ago

    If you decide to pursue the free certification from Hurricane Electric, make sure that your (if you have a consumer-grade) router and your ISP both support IPv6.

    Part of the certification process involves setting up an IPv6 tunnel with Hurricane Electric.

    Sadly, neither my equipment nor my ISP support IPv6. “(

  • cypher_cracks 5 years ago

    son of a bitmap…. ipv6 is going to give me one heck of a headache

    • kirev 5 years ago

      Or we’ll make a lots of money out of it. Y2k squared :)

      BTW, IPv6 or IP6?

  • Brian 5 years ago

    I found this VERY enlightening. THANK YOU! by the way the link to Joe Klein’s website has an extra “s” in …/sites/… should be …/site/… like so:

  • Dominick 5 years ago

    Ok, so with ipv6 and there no longer being ARP does this mean that we might as well do away with Backtrack? I ask this because Aircrack-ng which is the major tool for Backtrack uses ARP to bruteforce WEP. So does this mean no more WEP cracking with aircrack-ng? Or will this still be possible? I would really like to know, because if that’s the case then what are they gonna do to replace it, or what will ARP become? And also then doesn’t most networking programs like the entire Backtrack suite go to trash? Or has Aircrack-ng already have a plan in store for the ipv6 switch over?

  • Dominick 5 years ago

    Is this going to do away with Aircrack-ng seeing as how ARP will no longer exist??

  • SortMySystem 5 years ago

    grr seems most “home” rouers will need a virtual machine in the DMZ and WAN ping replies for ipv6 to work properly

    thanks for the info, refreshing to be a newbie again :)

    main issue i see with ipv6 is its such a f***** toungue twister to talk about – ffs:wtf:lmfao:colon:testicle:labia::2
    “do you have an IP address?whats the IP address?”
    “its f for freddy f for freddy e for elephant 3 two dot thing 3 5 four dot thing a for apple……..” (in non-english accents would take a while)

    “please repeat that!”

    its not gonna work so protocol 41 is here to stay imo.

  • Hey, is it just me or is the link to the presentation broken? anyone able to throw me a bone?


  • does this mean we’ll all now need ipv6 routers ?

  • imtifade 5 years ago

    is this a typo the differences between IPv6 and IPv6

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