This time on the show Shannon joins us “in studio” to go over a little signal sampling. Jenn has just the emulator for the Nintendo DS-less, and Jason kicks off a series on programming using the QT SDK.

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Nyquist-Shannon Sampling Theorem
Segment Descirption (HTML): Keith writes in asking about the Nyquist-Shannon Sampling Theorem and Darren gives a basic overview of human hearing, vocals, compact disc frequency and why the maximum frequency of an 8000Hz telephone signal is only 4000Hz. Get lost in mathematical goodness beginning with this article.
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Nintendo DS Emulation & Colors!
Jenn Cutter joins us to talk about the no$gba emulator and her favorite community rom – Colors.

QT Programming
Jason gets his hands on Nokia’s N8 and begins his programming series on QT using the QT Creator SDK.

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Nokia and AT&T have launched the $10M 2010 Calling All Innovators North America contest, challenging mobile app and game developers to create the next level of apps for consumers in the U.S. and Canada for the new Nokia N8 and Ovi Store (apps can be written in Nokia Qt SDK, Web Runtime including Adobe Flash Lite 4, java or Open GL). Along with the new device, O/S, and Ovi Store, the new Nokia Qt SDK brings the popular Qt Creator IDE from the desktop and embedded worlds to mobile developers, enabling them to build native apps for Symbian^3 devices like the N8. Developers can submit their apps by January 28th to be involved. Complete contest info is available at

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  • LoL, i was watching the show in low quality and the X you draw was already aliased.

  • vs4vijay 4 years ago

    Can u just Make Video For CRC Checksum…..i would love to learn that…

    and I have Nokia C3 Powered By Symbian so i downloaded the QT SDK (qt-sdk-win-opensource-2010.05.exe) but in Create Project i didnt have Check Box to select Meamo and Symbain and all…and i also didnt Find TRK and its sis files that jason showed in installed in N8…


    PS: Awesome Video..

  • [3w'Sparky] 4 years ago

    if i was kerbie i would be crapping myself too, the dog sounds like it’s the other side of the door !

    keep up the good work guys, enjoy the xmas season.

  • hell o batman and bat girl!

    Nice to see you batman!! lool

  • Zinahe 4 years ago


    You need to sample it at twice the maximum cut-off frequency of the
    frequency spectrum of the signal.


  • Vijay ….Re. CRC codes ….

    You need the best book on Error Control Coding ever written

    ‘Error Control Coding An Introduction’ ISBN 0-13-284126-6 (1991 soft cover edition)
    by Dr Peter Sweeney of Surrey University, Guildford, Surrey, UK.

    Looks like there was a reprint in 2002, if you can’t get it anywhere else, I suspect the Surrey University bookshop will have copies.

    The easiest, nicest explaination of FEC under the sun and as one of his old students I have to say a very nce guy.

    Cheers, E.T.

  • I didn’t hear the 16kHz sound, but I do hear that sound that TVs, moniters, etc. make when you turn them on.