This time on the show Darren talks to Georgia Weidman, Director of Cyber Warfare at Reverse Space about her smartphone botnet project. Shannon learns about the latest in Katana and Joe Klein joins us once again to debunk IPv4 exhaustion myths and the next step for IPv6 adoption.

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  • r00tHackMe 4 years ago


    Seems that the links for this show is broken.
    I really enjoy your shows, and hope to be participating in a few of
    the really great Con’s in the US.


  • Hej Guys

    I am also encounting problems, both revision3 viewer and downloads are not responding (but there seems to be some download traffic)

    Love the show, keep up the good work !


  • fixxer 4 years ago

    Damn, the title for this episode is too damn good to not be working…

  • petertfm 4 years ago

    Hey I found a way to download this episode:)

  • petertfm 4 years ago

    Hey I found a way to download this episode:)

    Not sure why I cant watch/download episode 25 of season 8 but here is what i did to download
    Go here…oocon2011-part2

    then just under “Download this episode”
    right click one of the links and choose “save link as…”. note I did this under firefox:)

    then once the video is finished you can watch:D

  • Tokumei 4 years ago

    The links are missing a hyphen between “shmoocon” and “2011” in the URL. The WMV link also refers to the wrong episode number in both places where it’s mentioned.

    It seems I can’t post the corrected links on account of a false-positive on the spam filter’s part. I’ll try to post the paths, which should follow

    HD: /revision3/web/hak5/0825/hak5–0825–shmoocon-2011-part2–hd720p30.h264.mp4

    MP4: /revision3/web/hak5/0825/hak5–0825–shmoocon-2011-part2–large.h264.mp4

    WMV: /revision3/web/hak5/0825/hak5–0825–shmoocon-2011-part2–large.wmv9.wmv

  • Bytewolf 4 years ago

    This part is down. could you fix it?

  • smiledon 4 years ago

    HD Link /revision3/web/hak5/0825/hak5–0825–shmoocon-2011-part2–hd720p30.h264.mp4

  • wthpr0 4 years ago

    i just googled the name from smiledon and found this

    hope it works for you aswell :)

  • can you upload to youtube or fix the links please? can’t stream revision3….

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