Just for fun. Hope you get it, if not go watch Pure Pwnage.


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Production Notes

Thanks to Jenn Cutter for the camera work!

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  • wetelectric 9 years ago

    “you know what, at least it doesnt lick my balls”
    heh heh

  • TennBikeBerk 9 years ago

    Nice. That was pretty well done, I must say.

  • As always you sum up how we feel. It’s time to stand up and take a satnd for all vidcasters out there, I’m behind you 100% !

  • LOL! Rock on….a great tech show paying homage to a great comedy show while being filmed by a great vidcaster… a video paying tribute to all of us….well done yet again!

    Hak5 forever…cant wait till the vidcasters can celebrate 25 great years of thier show on the air…thats a scary thought though isnt it? :)

  • LOL..That was awsome! 😀

  • I just don’t know where you find the time to produce all this great stuff. You certaining earn my $2 monthly donation. I hope everyone watching and enjoying Hak5 is contributing.

  • lol that was bad ass.
    “you know what, at least it doesnt lick my balls”
    couldnt of said it better my self.


  • Greetings from the PP community :)

  • Much respect!

  • Chris 9 years ago

    lol wow…no offense but that was terrible!! Jeremy > You

  • wow.. your like.. so .. pro.. man… SONY VEGAS RULES!!

  • TennBikeBerk 9 years ago

    I don’t think Darren was trying to be “better” than Jeremy – it was just meant to be some good tech entertainment, which I think it was, but feel free to disagree.

  • Toshibi 9 years ago

    That was funny….really funny.

  • Parthurs 9 years ago


  • kimholland 9 years ago

    You nailed it. Sweet.

  • Karen 9 years ago

    So glad you pwn the noobs, cuz you know they cant pwn themselves. Great job

  • Simtech 9 years ago

    If you are such a good editor, how come I didn’t see any star wipes.

  • So true. Keep on with the good work!

  • I like having my balls licked thank you!