In this episode of Hak.5 Jenn Cutter from guest hosts, bringing us a PSP-Windows hack. Darren continues his quest for the ultimate vidcast-couch-potato setup with a media center remote over cell-phone. Wess puts his own spin on Dance Dance Revolution with a custom modded dance pad. Rob Fuller of joins us to show off his USB thumbdrive toolkit.

Plus an interview with the guys from, a parody we’ve dubbed ‘the token’, an intro from Sean Carruthers of, leet-hack interviews from Karen Johnson, and Leo Laporte of shows his evil side.


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  • Chris 9 years ago

    Didnt they say in this episode they would further discuss how to “route PC video over existing home coax”. I was looking forward to that :\

  • Chris, I think that was last episode.

    Maybe next show Wes should hit on women off camera :/.

    I like the remote phone, I’ve been looking for a better way to control my media center than buying a new video capture card with an ir reciever. The Leo Laport evil server camio and the thumb drive apps wer cool.
    Also, nice parody of “the broken” intro, they really need to make another soon or at least do more systm.

  • remote segment was cool, planning to do it now!

  • Cool Episode! full of PSP stuff, Did you ever get win98 to load and have the mouse move? Last time I tried it would take about 15min for win98 to boot then mouse seem dead. 95 worked okay but kind of useless. Keep up the good work.

  • Booyah Ski Daddy!!! Excellent episode.


  • The other Chris 9 years ago

    Oh, you didn’t leave the your ip address open this time. Now we can’t screw with you guys’ lives anymore. Bummer, but other than that, another quality Hak.5 episiode. You guys are great, keep up the good work!

  • Corsix 9 years ago

    There is some kind of easter egg in there (the pwd file from the Locknot example):[code]
    U: aardwolf207
    P: wolf56tyghBN8ikHak5aard[/code]

  • Corsix, I saw that too, not very interesting, the ip address is google and the username/password could be for anything but most likely are fake and he just made a small txt file before the show that looked like username and password info you would want to save

  • pr05p3r0 9 years ago

    Cool episode- but what happened to the geocaching segment? I was looking forward to that.

  • Another great episode guys. I see you host with Dreamhost too. They’re excellent hosts (I just signed up myself) but dont you think the promo code you offer is stingy? I’ve seen lots of promo codes on the net that give the full 97 USD off (eg on Even a 50 USD off promo code would of been easier to swallow, and you’d still pocket the other 47 USD yourselves which would of been a bit fairer.

  • Where is the Media Remote? I need help!

  • Baddox 9 years ago

    Great episode! I couldn’t help cringing at the mention of apt-get though.

  • Administrator 9 years ago

    When ya make a mistake on the tight schedule like ours sometimes you have to just move on. None of us claimed to be linux geeks so I hope you’ll forgive the mistake and keep trusting the technolust.


  • Travis 9 years ago

    how do you make your own arcade machine?

  • The last episode rocked. I wish we could have more then one show a month. I learn a lot every episode.

  • I really wish I could find the example php files in the shownote’s but alas it only replies 404, are these files nevermore?