In this epic episode of Hak5 we present our case mod as part of the Hak5 / Ben Heck Case Mod Challenge. Our hacked up wearable computer is capable of sniffing all 14 WiFi channels at once as well as providing Internets via a WiFi Pineapple mk3 dev board. Then Shannon has just the trick for booting VMs from USB drives with a sweet bootloader ISO. All that and more this time on Hak5!

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  • This episode is epic 😀

    The WiFi sniffing case mod looks awesome :)

    How long will the battery last if you use all 14 usb ports?

  • Are you guys going to start putting the show notes back in? I know its extra work but I like the links and steps you publish. It saves me from having to re-watch a section over and over to pick up the information.

  • Allfo 3 years ago

    Just wondering about the ventilation of the case mod backpack??

  • User Error 3 years ago

    Allfo, its water cooled so the case doesnt need that much ventilation, like a windows 2k pc.

    I think it would have been better if you added in a small screen, even better a wireless screen cuz then i wouldn’t be havin trouble over who to vote for.

  • What is the music playing in the Kitty Case mod segment?

    Love the show :)

  • shapecharge 3 years ago

    Ben cheated. simple as that and he was the one in the video saying that it needed to be full ATX.