This time on the show Kevin Mitnick is in the house to answer questions from us and you! Then preventing file clobbering with mistyped wakkas and keeping big brother from eavesdropping on you! Plus, a missle whistle? All that and more this time on Hak5!

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  • Mr. Smith 4 years ago

    When I saw that Mr. Kevin Mitnick was doing an interview with Hak5 I was extremely happy about that. The first time I had heard about him was on the Movie Freedom Downtime done by 2600 Hacker Quarterly. I was quite outrage by the injustice and ignorance of the U.S. Court system. Because of Kevin aspiring pen-tester (or so I think) and a huge advocate against the intolerance of injustice and ignorance.

    Thanks to HAK5 & KEVIN for just being who you are! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!

  • Dan Bond 4 years ago

    What an awesome interview with Kevin. I really hope his tv series gets aired. Great show guys keep it up. Big time fan and follower.

  • Good interview.

    Girl conducting the interview needs to relax and let him speak without interrupting and distributing the flow of his stories.

  • Good interview.

    Girl conducting the interview needs to relax a bit and let him speak without interrupting and distributing the flow of his stories.

    Just bought the book! Looking forward to it.

  • Dan Bond 4 years ago

    Yea I agree, as much as I love Snubs, I think this interview could have been multitudes better if Darren conducted it.

    • Well… Darren didn’t read the book… so…

      Yeah, but thanks for the constructive criticism.

  • Andrew 4 years ago

    The interview was good for what it was. Kevin did the best he could, considering who was interviewing him. It boggled my mind why they had the most incompetent tech person on the show interview this guy. Shannon didn’t really add anything interesting to the interview at all, and some of her responses just proved how ignorant she is with regards everything that is relevant to hacking, cracking and social engineering, and imo, it made her look like a stupid little girl that laughed at everything he said, even when it wasn’t funny.

    • psych0 4 years ago

      That’s a little extreme. She’s a little tech challenged, but still leaps and bounds over most women today. You can’t compare her to Kevin Mitnick that’s an unfair comparison. Of course she’s going to laugh at what he says she’s trying to not make the situation awkward. If she just stared at him that would be weird. She’s not the most incompetent tech person on the show… Paul only knows about cameras.

    • Thanks for the informative comment Andrew, but I honestly don’t think I’m as incompetent as you think. Perhaps I was asking simple questions of Kevin to entertain a broader audience?

  • Wow Andrew a bit harsh?

  • horus 4 years ago

    this show is awesome

  • sonic 4 years ago

    Come on guys, release your bite on her, I think she did great, looked beautiful as always, added a touch of “shyness and naiveness” to the show; and I say that with a wink. Remember, he is THE HACKER, THE GUESS STAR, she should not try to shine above him. An d also, as she stated, the show is not only for the Pros.

    Snubs, keep the great job.

    • ..and you wonder why she never accepted your friend request on FB

  • I agree with Sonic, I think she did just great! I enjoyed it.

  • If she wasn’t gorgeous would you still be hating on her?

  • PeterGibbons 4 years ago

    I have watched the interview a couple times and thought it was good enough to forward to friends. Thanks for having Kevin on, I know it takes a lot of work to set up a good interview, thanks again.


  • wowany 4 years ago

    Great Interview!!! So cool that Kevin was on the show!!!!

  • sonic 4 years ago

    Don’t you guys think that it would be great to see a movie written and directed by Kevin telling the true story? Shame that, I think, he is unable to do it because the

  • Passenger 4 years ago

    Relax everyone, Snuby did great, I doubt that any of you would do better if you got the same task.

  • Illium 4 years ago

    Ppl it’s a 5k1d13z show. Relax and enjoy it for what it is. Don’t get all worked up.

    @Shannon– great job! Maybe a lil light on the journalistic part.

    @Kevin– we know your story by now. But again you seem to be the embodiment of Loki with a keyboard.

    Show rating 8/10.

    P.S. Don’t ever whistle into another phone again.

    P.S.S. I understand you guys have a savy tech addiction. But lighten up on the ad’s.

  • Raymond 4 years ago

    Ollo , a guys please help my mother is going to start her own bussiness soon and needs a computer she will be doing income tax .the question I have is what CPU can handle turbo tax and store old income tax files cause in past the laptops would get full quick and run out of gigs .If she has maybe two asst. with computers does she need server ?what and were do I buy ?I love hak 5 tips on you tube am a subscriber !Just heard Shannon partner going threw hard time well said in last video stay strong brother !thank you for your time

  • Ian L 4 years ago

    Wow. Where’d they find this interviewer? The special bus? Not good. Must try harder.

  • Harrison 4 years ago

    Very candid interview. If you want super techie stuff you can read all about Mitnick elsewhere. It was cool to see a very social side of him and hear about his story.

    Great interview Shannon.

  • Sh4rkbyt3 3 years ago

    Loved the interview Shannon and how it was done and I agree it allowed for a much wider understanding for a vast audience versus too much techno info that Kevin probably would even be allowed to mention or may have felt uncomfortable doing so.
    I learned about Kevin’s plight through the zine 2600 many years ago and was apalled at what our government does today in violating it’s own boundaries and crushing of citizens rights. And Kevin’s comment that “we are in a police state” was 100% accurate which is shameful given our history. I fully support Lulzsec and Anonymous’s activities!

  • Michael 3 years ago


    You did great on the interview, I like when you change up the interviews. Meaning Darren not doing them all. Don’t listen to the people above. Honestly you did great!