This time on the show, setting up a PXE server to launch Debian and Backtrack without using optical media! Plus Dale Chase's Nerdcore CES wrap-up and some linux lovin' bash-fu. All that and more, this time on Hak5!

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  • Erick Couts II 3 years ago

    OMG! Shannon I love your Sailor Moon shirt! Serena and Rini…from Sailor Moon R… T_T
    Okay, so it was my first anime that I got into as a kid. But still love the shirt! Darren, where’s your Sailor Moon shirt at? Grr… =_=

  • Tyler Harris 3 years ago

    I’ve been trying to find something like this for weeks. In an upcoming episode, could you explain in-depth about PXE boot with Windows and how to configure it from start to finish?

  • yaaay SHANNY AND KEV-O

  • During the nibble you guys give an incredibly long confusing string of commands that is supposed to give a list of directories by size! You criticize Linux as hard to use because it requires this. You say the reason your video directory was 4.0K is because “in Linux everything is a file.” Although even after you execute your command video directory is still 4.0k and the directories are not sorted by size.

    Why not try “du -hs *” for a list of directories sizes?
    and to sort why not try “du -hs –block-size M | sort -n” ?

    The second command uses the block-size argument to set the whole list in the same units so that it can be sorted by “sort”.

    am I wrong here?
    Was the nibble a joke?
    Do I not get it?

    Anyway hak5 is an interesting show. Keep it up.

    • Yeah I have to agree that was kind of a crazy nibble. I personally like to use the ducks command as I call it.
      du –cks * | sort -rn
      Sorts from largest to smallest.

    • roemer2201 3 years ago

      I think the video folder is empty, thats the reason why it is only 4K in size…

  • Man stop wasting our time, from your face I think you are bored
    you dont feel like us when you get some challenge to get into some big server like microsoft or hak5 these just examples

  • RE: PXE Boot

    I think the DHCP blurb at the end over simplified things a bit. It may have even caused some to be confused as they are wondering.. “something magical is booting my machine”.. In fact, DHCP wasnt even mentioned until the middle of the presentation.. This should have been covered at the beginning with some screenshots of your DHCP configuration. At the least, have a quick run through of a ISC-DHCPD and DNSMASQ config.. As you know, without a properly configured DHCP server the PXE boot process cannot even start.

    Also, I dont think you mentioned that PXE boot normally only works over a wired network.

    In all this was a good intermediary PXE boot presentation. For beginners though, you may want to break this up into two episodes.

    That said, I love your broadcasts and keep up the good work!

  • roemer2201 3 years ago

    It somehow seems that this command has a problem with folders containing a space-sign:

    du: Zugriff auf „Ubuntu“ nicht möglich: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
    du: Zugriff auf „One/“ nicht möglich: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
    5,8G Downloads/
    3,6G Dropbox/
    3,4G Desktop/
    1,2G Musik/
    231M sbin/

    It says that it could not found find “Ubuntu” and “One”, althought it is one folder “Ubuntu One”. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Uinluan 3 years ago

    Can someone help me with my issue setting up the PXE Server. I am running it on a new Ubuntu 11.10 Server load. I went through and followed the tutorial and have everything set up, but when I got to netboot a machine it comes up with an error saying no boot file received. I have checked and recheck all of my configuration files and cannot find where I made the error. Did someone else have the same issue and figure out what it was? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Uinluan 3 years ago

      I solved the original problem and can now get booted. I had to add the next-server line and file name line in my dhcp.conf file. Now I get as far as it loading up and telling me that nfs is not responding but will keep trying, I am at a loss because I configured the exact same way as the video. Any suggestions would be very helpful

  • Craig 3 years ago

    Darren and Shannon

    I was watching the above Video and noticed that you was looking for a C64 To Test That card you was given. I Have one complete that was working When it was boxed and put into storage. It Is For free Shipping is all that is needed for you to have it.

    Thanks Craig

  • Hi Darren or Shannon
    What laptops do you and your co-host use on the hak5 show.