This time on the show, Ubuntu 12.04 is around the corner and we have a first-look at its new Head-Up Display. Then Eighty of Dual Core joins us to setup Backtrack 5 with root encryption. Plus Ubuntu on Android?


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Episodes, Season 11

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  • marius 3 years ago

    try: tac

  • Grayson Manolov 3 years ago

    If you don’t mind me asking, what laptops where you looking to buy, Darren? I’m looking for a 13″ laptop myself, and would be open to suggestions.


    • Look for Lenovo ThinkPad X61. There is a version with T7300 @ 2,00GHz.
      It has a very strong case (I think its from titanium).
      Or just search there are also newer lenovo x models with I7 CPU…

  • Hi, great show as always, I have a request though:

    Computers used to be magical devices with tons of potential but now it seems its all about making the next big toy or data manipulation just to make money. Could you do some segments on real stuff like Science or Medical applications to encourage people to think past just making cash.
    Some examples:
    iPhone/Galaxy S2 is great but the call quality hasn’t changed since Nokia 3210 – its meant to be primarily a telephone
    EEG technology is old, someone needs to think of new ways of scanning Alpha/Beta waves etc.
    CT/MRI could be improved
    GPS isn’t perfect
    Blood test equipment could be better
    Astronomical imaging

    The list in endless and I’m getting really bored with “oh heres a new website that does x,y,z and only costs $25″. It won’t keep you dry in the rain or build you a house or get you to the shops or cook food or save you if you get sick….

    “When its all over both the King and the Pawn go back into the same box”

    ps I’d like to nibble on Shanon’s cute ears, she should wear her hair up more often 😉

  • bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla for lusers !!!! for lammers !!! not for hackers!!!

  • binary01 2 years ago

    Bring back The Broken! I loved those Ramsi segments.

  • Highly descriptive article, I loved that a lot. Will there
    be a part 2?