Mike Kershaw (aka Dragorn) of Kismet fame joins us to talk all thingsKismet, WiFi hacking, and his latest project - the Kisbee.

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Kershaw's self-built hardware, optionally using the MRF24J40MC-Imicrocontroller, executes firmware enabling promiscuous mode fixed channel monitoring of Zigbee (802.15.4) protocols. Coupled with a 20hour 1000mAh battery and onboard bluetooth, this feat of engineering lowers the barrier to Zigbee auditing - a new territory for hackerexploration. Moreover the Kisbee Android app, which allows a smartphone to connect to the Kisbee hardware via Bluetooth, enableson-the-go logging, mapping and monitoring. We're delighted to have Kershaw on the program, so tune in for some wireless hacking goodness!

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  • ricky 2 years ago

    Most people don’t realize how much regular stuff has Zigbee tech in it. Most all the power and gas meters used in residential areas have them now. That’s why no one has to come up to your house to check your meters any more. They drive around with a truck and collect the data wirelessly. Tons of HA stuff uses Zigbee to communicate and report back as well as turning power off and on to devices. Darren was talking about turning it on and pointing it at a factory, but you’d be just as likely to get some kind of communication in your driveway, to be honest.

  • Many thanks, I appreciate it!