Kos of joins us to demonstrate his lethal Android hacking toolkit - P2P-ADB. Taking advantage of USB Debug Mode, Root, and some crafty hacks Kos' toolkit enables the bypassing of lock screens, making system changes and even "backing up" Android profiles, all from one phone to another. Kos goes on to perform an Auth token cloning attack, enabling an attacker to gain access to a victims Google account, change the password, or even setup a one-time-password for themselves if two-factor-authentication is enabled. The open-source P2P-ADB framework is available from and requires a rooted Android and OTG cable.

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  • The two factor authentication idea with rfid is a good one but the main issue I ran into recently was that the tags are hard to read through skin(at least with the built-in antenna). I recently met Amal Graafstra in person shortly after having a conversation with him online and arranging an f2f meeting. We met at a conference the next day (which until the night before I didn’t know anything about and had to buy a ticket to quickly [14 hours remaining]) and almost immediately I asked if I could scan his S50 NFC capable tag and he accepted. I went to scan it and well, it didn’t work. I couldn’t scan it through his skin and he explained that my antenna wasn’t strong enough (just as Darren’s wasn’t). I was using a Nexus 7 8GB Tablet and I promptly asked Amal if there was a way to replace my battery (where the antenna is located). He said he wasn’t aware of one so now I need to do more research on my own. Oh yay. I had the same two factor authentication plans but unfortunately I don’t have the budget to go ripping my tablet apart to see if I can modify it without consulting tried and true methods like some people so I am now relying on others to find out what can be done (other than a bulky external antenna).

  • Nick 1 year ago

    What OS is Kos using?

  • Chris 1 year ago


    I saw you catch the output of a pipe to grep, just to use in with test in an if condition.
    You can silence gnugrep with a -q flag and use the exit status of grep directly instead of the exit status of test:

    if echo bla | grep -q blah; then echo yay; else echo nay; fi

    No need for the extra call to test (which is what happens when you [ ])

  • Victor 10 months ago

    Can not download file from this sight why not?

  • balram rexwal 5 months ago

    I am using backtrack r5 in virtual box and tried to run p2p adb but it says to add adb in path,
    I tried by adding command “export” in terminal and also by editing .bashrc file, but its again shows same error that add adb to $PATH.which i already define the location of sdk tools loacation by command. and also sh file not runs,
    So,i decide it to run in windows by cygwin in which it now gave a error that BUSYBOX is not in PATH ,install it from play store.
    Means how apk file can be run in windows,
    Please help me in running p2p adb.