This time on the show, motion detecting lock screens for Linux using motion and pagekite, NFC hacking on Android with an Arduino and how secure is that 80 character password really? All that and more, this time on Hak5!

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  • Guo-Guang 2 years ago

    good applicaiton of combining Motion + PageKite + gnome-screensaver-command.
    btw, one character “&” missing after the first line the script–

  • Jack K. 2 years ago

    Hi Foks,
    The md5 collision is only theoretical. But is is best to use SHA1 or higher.
    To find out if you have other hash functions in Linux at the command prompt type:

    info coreutils

    Scroll down to:

    Summarizing files

    * wc invocation:: Print newline, word, and byte counts
    * sum invocation:: Print checksum and block counts
    * cksum invocation:: Print CRC checksum and byte counts
    * md5sum invocation:: Print or check MD5 digests
    * sha1sum invocation:: Print or check SHA-1 digests
    * sha2 utilities:: Print or check SHA-2 digests

    My systems has sha1sum and sha2.
    Hopefully the system that you put your password into will also run a hash function.

    Darren’s idea shounds good to me. salt + password + hash function.
    You could also put the salt at the front and end. salt + pw + salt + hash.
    Use different dns queries for the first and second salt.

    Can any one improve on this idea?

  • hello,

    what is the file size of the 720p30fps latest edition of hak5. i have
    > 287742403bytes 18 Oct 10:07 hak5–1209–how-to-setup-motion-on-linux–hd720p30.h264.mp4
    but it cuts off during the arduino segment.



  • Brian 2 years ago

    There’s a problem with the HD version of the video. It looks like it got cut off in editing. Other users have commented on this at Revision3, as well.

  • Demux 2 years ago

    In response to the issue having a function run on unlocking Ubuntu, if you use xlock, you may be able to use the following as your lock function:

    /user/bin/xlock -endCmd ` `;

    Unfortunately, I’m not currently able to test this, but it should work.
    Credit: lostinxlation @

    • Demur 2 years ago

      Oops, WP stripped part of the command. Put the code you want to run between the graves (ticks).

  • jacksonscholl 2 years ago

    You named your cat Luna? Are you a brony?

  • When I saw the title for this, I thought it would be for locking your computer when you stepped away from it. That would be kinda neat. A little excessive.. leaving the camera on the entire time you are using your computer. Still might be a cool proof-of-concept.

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