This time on the show, let the pwnage begin! Viss shares with us his Eagle Eye tool for evaluating tens of thousands of potentially insecure publicly accessible web servers with ease. What's out there? Red Light cameras, industrial automation systems, power plants? Oh my! Then I'll be controlling my MK802 with an phone - that's Android on Android action to the one there. Plus, war dialing! You heard me right, not driving, dialing. Senor Jiffy Pop explains why having your computer dial ten thousand phone numbers in the middle of the night is still quite relevant. Take that "out of band" security! All that and more, this time on Hak5!

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Toorcon 2012: The Long Tail of the Internet
Dan Tentler, aka @Viss, shares with us his experiences combing the Internet with Shodan and his web analysis tool Eagle Eye

Droidmote on the MK802
"Turn your android device into a remote for your MK802. First, download a new .img from miniand for the MK802. This new firmware will enable the MK802 to use droidmote server.
Use Disk Imager or your favorite program to flash the image onto a micro sd card and boot up the MK802. Download the droidmote server app from Google play for about $2.50.
On your phone, download the droidmote client app. To get them connected, make sure you're on the same wifi network on both devices or setup tethering on your phone, then click the big green button on the MK802 screen. Type in the IP address shown into your client app on your phone. They should connect after a few seconds.
Cons- it's a little unresponsive at times and easy to switch from one tab to another on phone- might be easier with tablet. It's not free, but close! It'll disconnect after a while of no use. You have to start the server up on your MK802 every time you want to start using it.
But- it's easy to setup and use, and gives you one more way to use your android devices."

Toorcon 2012: War Dialing Like A Boss
Señor Jiffy Pop shares the tricks of the trade for successful modern age war-dialing.

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