Point to Point Pineapple mesh continued. Decibels to Watts, antenna polarization, "cable loss" and why HAMS get all the good stuff. All that and more, this time on Hak5.

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Good Sync Review
Viewer Jack sent this one in: Yet Another Cloud Storage product for you to look at.
I like it because it support secure FTP, SSH, etc.

Your own Dropbox Clone will always be a good option if you want flexibility, customization, control, and savings, not to mention a little more security. A nice thing about GoodSync is it offers SFTP secure FTP file transfers, and can sync to online storage medias.

Download is a breeze. It's only available for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS (NO LINUX) though. Then you can create your first job (do two way syncing, or one way backup). I'm setting up a two-way sync for my example. I'm syncing a special desktop folder to my Dropbox and vice-versa. If you want to make this into a clone of Dropbox, you can set up a web host who offers space for file backup and SFTP your file transfers via GoodSync.

Once ready, you want to choose your 'right' and 'left' folder syncs. My left one is my GoodSync folder, my right one is Dropbox. If you want to connect your own dropbox account it'll ask for authorization via Dropbox's site (also a good time to turn on two-factor authentication on your Dropbox). Hit analyze. Depending on the size of your data, this will take a while to analyze all of your available Dropbox folders and files so you can customize which ones you want to sync, etc. Once customized, you can Sync. There are a few other additional options as well. If you click Auto before you sync, you can customize when your sync happens, and in what way. You can set File Versioning under the General settings or change the sync from two-way to one-way. Filters will let you exclude certain files, and Scripts will allow you to change name, date, time, format, etc.

Pros: Lots of customization, fast, and allows SFTP, as well as syncing to online storage. You can also get versions for USB to automatically sync to your USB drive. Cons: May be too much customization for some people, and you have to pay to get things like Syncing to Google Docs, and... it's not open-source.

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  • Most antennas in laptops are horizontal as they are on the top of the monitor, they are rarely on the sides of the monitor.

  • Actually as a Amateur Radio operator in the USA you can use encryption on HSMM nodes AS LONG AS the ALGORITHM has been published. All of the algorithms that are in use on consumer Wi-Fi gear has been published and therefore can be used. However the key that you use for WPA2 etc. do NOT have to be published

    • kristoff 4 months ago


      That is not correct. All broadcasts done by ham-radio stations have to be “readable” by anybody. If you do not publish the key, the net result is that the signal cannot be decoded by others, so it is illegal. The only exception to this are communication to protect the ham-radio infrastructure itself (e.g., remote-operation commands to a repeater) or -at least here in Europe and also in Australia- emergency-communication.

      Anycase, the reason on this ban on encryption is very simple: to protect the ham-radio spectrum. If you would allow encryption, what is going to stop commercial companies to set up links on ham-radio frequencies instead of (payed) license spectrum?

      Ham-radio is a hobby that allows every citizen to learn more about and train themselfs in telecommunication. For that, they need radio-spectrum. This radio-spectrum is a valuable good and there are quite a number of companies who are more then interested in grabbing a piece of it.

      The ban on encryption is the only way that garantees that ham-radio remains a service for the every citizens.

      Kristoff – ON1ARF

  • Jack K. 4 months ago

    ^-^ puuuuuuuuurrrrrfect

  • Why does it say “Watch FULL episodes at” and all I can ever play or see are the 15mins length videos?? I FlashGot’ed 20GB of 720p Hak5 videos last week, watched them the other day to find out they are ll segments, yet from this website, this video I got as well and its the same thing, only 15mins!!! I spent days last week downloading them all too, what a waste, Ive been a fan from the beginning too :-/ (been offline for years, trying to catch up…and stonewalled with 15min segments…what a pity)