Drone + WiFi Pineapple = Rooftop Packet Sniffing. Plus, Offline Archival Backups with Printed 2D Barcodes? All that and more this time on Hak5!

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Download and unzip the packaged file. Go to File --> Save to Bitmap. This will save a file you want to print into a bitmap. If you want to open a Bitmap file in PaperBack, click open bitmap. The Quality map will show you if any of the file is corrupted and will not print correctly. Mine is one shade of green, so I'm good. You will also get a full description of the file, including the name, original size, date modified and more. Before printing, you'll want to choose some specific options:
The dot density determines the size of the data bit on the paper. It should be two times lower than the physical resolution of the printer you are using. Keep dot size around 70%. This is how far each dot is from each other on the paper.

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  • Jack Kirby 3 months ago

    Hi Darren,

    Good first start on Perch and Monitor.
    I suggest you take a page out of N.A.S.A (National Aeronautics and Space Administration): Baby Steps.
    You have set the goal: Put a WiFi Pineapple on a remote roof.
    Take one step back and “Put a Wifi Pineapple on a remote location”.
    In other words just land it on the ground where it will not get ran over or damaged AND where you can get psychical access to it. Like a *big* empty parking lot. A school’s football field.
    Work out a check list. NASA did this on its missions.

    1)Charge batteries
    a)Quadra copter / radio controller
    b)Cell phone

    2)Setup Quad copter.

    3) Setup cell phone
    a) Phone

    4) Setup Pineapple
    a) Switches : up down down up up -_ _ – -
    b) . . .

    And so on.

    If you want to get real fancy you could use the Hollywood “Story Board” and make cartoon drawings of how it is suppose to go.
    And take a page from General Aviation and take a “Walk Around” and do an inspection of all the parts to make sure they are working and not falling off. ( Read do a test hover to see if the rubber bands hold )

    Most of all “Baby Steps”. Work out the checklist inside the office.
    Keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

    Most of all have fun.

    Best wishes,
    Jack K.

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    I had a similar idea but for protesters and using TOR as well as Wifi hacking to relay the video to stream online