This time on Hak5, your Software Defined Radio feedback, antenna ground systems and the counterpoise. Plus, revisiting ADS-B with a Pineapple Drone prototype seeking aircraft transponder beacons from 400 feet. All that and more, this time on Hak5!

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For more information check Line-of-sight Propagation Wikipedia

Hak5 1607

Hak5 1608

Hak5 1609

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  • Netcat 1 year ago

    Great show.

    The dogs sure like the drone. Hum? New way to have your dog(s) get exercise. Pre-set way points
    to have you dog(s) run a circuit. Back forth, triangle, square, figure eight and more.

    We tried to herd cats but it did not work. Hum, I wonder why? mew?

    I still do not get how the “ground” for the antenna works when the drone is up in the air.

    Suggest: putting the wifi Pineapple logo on the sleeves of the t-shirt.

  • I’m still missing the point of; WHY? Your trying to rec. signals from aircraft who have antenna arrays that are pointed DOWNWARD, not omni – using a drone for altitude is kewl and all but really has nothing to be gained in this instance, really at all – and as you keep experiencing it actually becomes a problem. And as others have stated – a “big” antenna is not necc. a “great” antenna – what you should look up is “antenna resonance” and work backwards from there -….after getting your tech amateur radio licenses of course :)