What could be better than tracking aircraft from a drone? How about a solar powered WiFi Pineapple briefcase? The Hak5 crew test their latest creation with a high gain point-to-point link from the top of a hill to the ground station at the office running Virtual Radar Server. All that and more, this time on Hak5!

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Virtual Radar Server

For more information check Line-of-sight Propagation Wikipedia

Hak5 1607

Hak5 1608

Hak5 1609

Hak5 1613

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  • Netcat 1 year ago

    You have out done your selves. This is totally awesome. Hats off to HAK5.
    Just one question, why use a motor cycle battery? Shouldn’t you use a deep-cycle battery?

    Love the show.

  • Raptor98k 1 year ago

    That’s a nifty little setup. It almost reminds me of an older generation UGS, except maybe a little less elegant (and slightly different purpose).

  • I am building a ADSB receiver briefcase with a Raspberry PI and a SDR dongle. I would appreciate to have details of the solar panel, battery, circuits and charger used in the Solar WIFI Pineapple Briefcase. Thank you.